The Health Benefits of Pets: Grants For Pets & Animal Wildlife Programs

Grants for pets and animal wildlife programs are increasing in popularity. Why, you may ask? Researchers estimate that 68% of U.S. households have pets. More importantly, this research also shows that animal and human interaction provides much more than just companionship. Because of this, medical professionals are using their research resources to support the health benefits of pets. With this purpose in mind, forward-thinking nonprofit and for-profit organizations are using GrantWatch to locate grants to fund pet-forward programs.

The Benefits of Pets

Pets can improve your health in a plethora ways. Human-animal interaction reduces feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation, and loneliness. Because of this, medical professionals are creating new programs to increase human-animal interactions. For example, allowing pets into hospitals has recently grown in popularity. Simultaneously, Love Your Pet Day was created to increase the awareness of the benefits of pets on February 20. Also, schools are seeing the benefits of having animals in the classroom. One study discovered human-animal interaction helped students with ADHD. Furthermore, employers have seen an increase in productivity when pets are permitted in the workplace. Improved mental and physical health is a win for everyone involved, even the pets!!

Interacting with animals decreases levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lowers blood pressure. Other studies have found that animals can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost your mood…Animals may help you in other unexpected ways. A recent study showed that caring for fish helped teens with diabetes better manage their disease. Another study found that children with autism spectrum disorder were calmer while playing with guinea pigs in the classroom.

The Power of Pets – News In Health

Grants For Pets and Animal Wildlife Programs

Programs focused on the health benefits of pets are sprouting up throughout our communities. Nonprofit and for-profit organizations are often eligible for Pets and Animal Wildlife Grants when providing programs which support increased human-animal interaction. To illustrate, each grant process will vary based on the grant funder’s guidelines. After you have found a grants for pets and animal wildlife you are eligible for, the next step is to apply. Most applicants generally apply for a grant themselves. However, if you would like to hire a professional grant writer, please visit to post a classified ad explain your program.

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