Our Hearts Go Out to Those Recovering from the Texas Disaster

Last week, a once-in-a-century storm hit the state of Texas, causing massive damage and some loss of life. The state’s power grid struggled massively, and all over the state, residents lost power, water, and heat in freezing temperatures. If you were on social media or watching the news at any point, the devastation and horror were clear. Many of my own friends living in Texas experienced power outages and having to find a place to stay that wasn’t absolutely freezing. Even as the weather starts to return to normal in the Lone Star State, many people still don’t have power as the state struggles to repair the damage caused by the storm.

The COVID-19 pandemic had already caused so much damage, and this storm accelerated even more damage. People need food, water, power, and shelter in many cases. We want to share some of the resources that are available to Texas citizens trying to recover from this awful situation.

Resources Available to People Living in the State of Texas

GrantWatch lists grants including those for disaster relief in Texas. Other resources include:

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs has a list of disaster relief resources on their website. These include resources for Housing, Hotel & Lodging resources, for people’s with disabilities, and many others.

As well, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs also has a list of community-based nonprofits resources as well.

Disaster.Gov gives people living in Texas the ability to find out if their area has been declared for individual assistance. You can find local resources through their database as well.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has a list of all available options and resources through the agency for individual assistance. You can also apply for direct assistance and check on the status of your assistance through the website.

FEMA also has a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program that can be applied for. These funds can be used for eligible homeowners to rebuild the parts of their homes that were destroyed by a declared natural disaster as designated by the state.

We hope that anyone who is struggling can receive the assistance they need, and we are continuing to pray for the people of Texas who are still very much struggling. If you have any questions about disaster relief grants or any others on GrantWatch.com, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at (561) 249-4129.

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