Today’s Grants for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Workforce Grants are important for our future. Our society is continuously shifting toward technology, and it’s having a significant impact on our workforce. While technical skills are in demand, there is also a need for skilled tradespeople. However, the typical tradesperson is getting older. According to Explore The Trades, the average worker in the trades is over 50. So, the question must be asked: Are technological advances phasing out human workers? The team at GrantWatch thinks the answer is no. There will always be a need for good, old fashioned human know-how. What’s more, why not look forward to a future that incorporates both skilled tradespeople and new technology?

The Workforce of the Future?

We need the skills that workforce training can provide. Right now, in some regions, there are shortages of skilled tradespeople for various reasons. There can be long waits for essential services such as mechanics, plumbing, and construction. Other areas of the country may have difficulty finding teachers or healthcare workers. Expanding access to training programs can help bridge that gap. Expanding our workforce training methods to include booming technological advances opens many fields to help retrain viable human workers, including disabled individuals, aging workers, and veterans.

AI and automation are expected to cause massive disruptions in many professions. According to Forbes, 25% of all jobs are expected to be negatively impacted by AI in the next 5 years. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The article goes on to conclude that there are workers who will benefit from the new workforce culture. Namely, those who have a background in analytics, cyber security, and technology will fare well. Why not ensure that more tradespeople are prepared for the coming workforce shifts? This is where workforce grants come in. It’s essential to have funding in place to help ease the transition to a workforce of the future, one that incorporates technology and human know-how.

Easing the Transition

Innovative training programs, the practical application of technology, and the use of technologically advanced tools will help the American tradesperson retain employment in the long run. It stands to reason then, that Workforce Grants can help ease the transition. They allow underserved areas and industries to have the means to attract fresh employees. And those fresh employees have opportunities that might otherwise be denied them.

As a final point, there are grants available for nonprofits, schools, individuals, and businesses for workforce training. Some fields where you can find workforce grants are green technology, STEM, and healthcare. These grants help local communities, and society as a whole, to thrive. You can find Workforce Grants in a grant search database like GrantWatch.

Workforce Grants

  • To begin, there are also grants of up to $5,000 to nonprofit organizations to provide therapeutic bodywork and massage to marginalized groups
  • Next, opportunities are available of up to $30,000 to nonprofit organizations for programs and projects related to the funding source’s mission and philosophy.
  • In addition, there are grants to nonprofit organizations for programs that directly benefit individuals in need. 
  • Funding is also available for studies in the area of real estate management
  • Also, grants to agencies, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and IHEs for educational activities to train individuals to join the scientific workforce.
  • Opportunities exist for cooperatives in eligible states to support neighborhood projects. In addition, priority is for requests that align with farmer well-being and agricultural safety, rural community vitality, and agriculture education.
  • Additionally, there are grants of up to $5,000 to nonprofit organizations and government agencies for educational seminars, workshops, and other workforce development opportunities related to healthcare.
  • Grants are also available to nursing schools to expand the nursing workforce.
  • There is funding for nonprofit organizations in eligible areas to benefit vulnerable individuals and families.
  • Finally, there are grants available for nonprofit organizations to improve the lives of injured military veterans and their families

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