Award Grants Provide an Opportunity to Honor Those Most Deserving

Award grants provide an opportunity to honor those most deserving. Often, recognition for the contributions of teachers and their accomplishments in education go unnoticed, or certainly not sufficiently given the honor that they are due. Award grants may not solve the bigger problem, but at least you have the chance to do something on a smaller, individual scale to show your appreciation to someone deserving of praise.

GrantWatch recognizes educators and academics by making sure to list grant awards in their directory. In fact, they have a specific category designated for Awards, with dozens of award grants listed. For educators, monetary awards and/or prizes can supplement salaries and bridge pay gaps. Besides, they also serve to demonstrate the profound impact that teacher have on their students, and the bonds they share with their communities. But in addition to being a great way to show your appreciation, receiving a (monetary) award can also help play an important role in terms of future recognition.

For Haley Gomez, professor of astrophysics and head of public engagement for the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, winning the Royal Astronomical Society’s Fowler Prize in 2015 for her scientific contributions has “made a huge difference” when applying for promotions and research grants. Gomez adds, “It’s almost a badge that says you are externally recognised (sic) as having achieved something by your community. It’s also something to distinguish yourself against others in grant applications.”

Below is a list provided by GrantWatch of award grants and other support.

Award Grants and In-kind Support

  1. Awards to K-12 educators, administrators, and school staff members to recognize excellence/leadership and outstanding efforts to positively impact the lives of students. Nominations are for educators and employees in public, charter, and private schools. Program purpose is to honor teachers and staff who exemplify excellence, positive influence, and leadership.
  2. Also, a teacher in a two-year college can receive awards to recognize contributions to the profession. We welcome nominations for individuals who have positively contributed to professional leadership and have demonstrated excellence in teaching.
  3. Next, an award to an Oklahoma PreK-12th grade teacher who successfully integrates agricultural concepts into the curriculum in a non-vocational agriculture classroom.
  4. Awards of $10,000 to USA and territories educators to recognize excellence in the field of STEM education. Applicants must teach at the K-6 level. It honors teachers who have motivated their students and helped them succeed in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and/or computer sciences.
  5. Finally, an award that recognizes advancements in the integrating technology into education. Winner is a Utah educational technology coach, library technology coach, instructional coach, or curriculum coach.

Additional Award Grants

  1. First, awards to Texas educators for outstanding science teaching. The program recognizes exceptional teachers who have encouraged their students’ interest in science and medicine.
  2. In addition, Illinois teachers, informal educators, and students can win an award. It recognizes their efforts to raise awareness about understanding and protecting the environment.
  3. Awards to K-12 public school teachers to recognize excellence in environmental education. The winning teachers’ LEAs will receive awards as well.
  4. Award of $1,000 and a $500 travel stipend to a librarian to recognize outstanding contributions to the fields of information literacy and library instruction.
  5. Finally, Mississippi educators who make outstanding contributions to K-12 education can receive a $5,000 award. The award acknowledges exceptional administrators and teachers.

We hope you’ll be able to take advantage of one of these award opportunities to honor someone deserving of recognition!

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