Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

Virtual volunteer opportunities abound as a convenient way for individuals to start their very own volunteering journeys. While many of us support our favorite causes through donations, nonprofits have seen a significant decrease in volunteer sign ups. It’s time to change that. In response, as we navigate into 2024, forward-thinking nonprofits are becoming creative with technology to provide more and more virtual solutions for their supporters. Join GrantWatch as we dive into the fascinating developments of virtual volunteering opportunities.  

Why Nonprofits Offer Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

Sometimes, supporters can be seriously overwhelmed with the rapid pace of society, they are unable to make time for volunteer work, especially with the changes in to our world in recent years. One key aspect of Donor-Centric practices is to offer virtual solutions for their supporters, this includes building virtual volunteer opportunities. Some experts say that “if you want to sell more product: forget about the product and focus on the idea of the product.” The same concept can be applied to volunteers! Meaning, if you are seeking an increase of engagement, raise brand awareness for your nonprofit. It’s so simple, market your cause to appeal to a wider audience and expand participation avenues. In truth, offering virtual volunteer opportunities for supporters, will in turn increase donations.

Benefits of Virtual Volunteering for Individuals

Nonprofits are quickly turning to digital management styles that make it easier for supporters to contribute to a cause. Not only does volunteering help an organization, there are benefits to the individuals who choose to volunteer. To illustrate, medical professionals encourage individuals struggling with depression or anxiety to find causes they care about. It makes good sense that donating your time and focusing your attention on life-affirming causes makes us feel better about ourselves. Below are examples of the benefits of virtual volunteering for individuals.

  1. Supporting A Cause – Doings something that impacts a cause you are passionate about is a mindful way to develop a deeper sense of connection to your community and, by extension, the world.
  2. Networking – Meeting new people and creating new connections can be challenging. Volunteering allows you to organically connect with like-minded individuals. What’s more, working with others and spending your free time engaged in lifting up your fellow human beings creates powerful connections.
  3. Learning New Skills – When you volunteer, you learn new skills to add to your repertoire. In fact, quite often, the skills you learn while volunteering carry over into the business world.
  4. Change of Perspective: While you learn new skills, network, and work toward the common good, you are exposed to new ideas and new experiences. It’s inevitable, your perspective will change, and new possibilities will be born.
  5. Improve Your Confidence – Research shows that volunteering can leave us with a huge boost in our self-confidence. And let’s face it, we could use a leg up sometimes.

“Volunteering has been shown to decrease stress levels, depression, anxiety and boost your overall health and satisfaction with life…When you help other people, it activates the reward center in your brain and releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins.”

Susan Albers, PsyD, psychologist for Cleveland Clinic

Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

There are a number of digital-forward Nonprofit Trends increasing in popularity in 2024. This includes building virtual volunteer opportunities to make it easier for supporters to contribute to their cause. Below are verified virtual volunteering opportunities for individuals to help you get started. In truth, no matter what your passion is you can find a volunteer opportunity for your cause.

  1. Crisis Text Line – After completing a free online mental health training, volunteers work remotely, answering texts from people in crisis to make a positive impact on the mental health journeys individuals in need. 
  2. – This easy-to-use app allows users offer real-time support to those who are blind or low-vision. For example, when you answer a call from a user you may help them verify medicine labels.
  3. Smithsonian Digital Volunteers – Remotely transcribe historic documents including diaries and working papers of prominent Americans. Specifically, to allow these collections to be more accessible to the public.
  4. National Giving Hearts Day — This celebration increases awareness for nonprofits in the midwest. However, you can search to volunteer opportunities year-round.
  5. Translators Without Borders If you are bilingual, volunteering your language skills is an impactful way to combine language with humanitarian aid support to those struggling with language barriers.  

Build Virtual Volunteering Opportunities With Grants

Many nonprofits are ready to jump on board with virtual volunteer opportunities. However, they are not able to secure funding for these projects. Grants are a great way for nonprofits to be awarded funding to build virtual volunteer platforms. In truth, many people use GrantWatch’s 990 Finder and Foundation Search to locate nonprofit 990 reports to ensure they are applying to relevant grants. Here are a few grants that offer this type of support.

  1. Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program – Funding for capital projects to improve the quality and reach of programs. Eligible projects include, technology improvements and more.
  2. Causality Brand Grant – Creative and marketing services to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit, educational, and service organizations and government agencies to improve communications and brand value.
  3. Wisconsin Nonprofit Web Design Grant – In-kind support to nonprofits to receive professional web design and technical support services. Successful applicants will receive the following at no cost: custom web design.
  4. CREation Community Grants Program: Large Project Funding Stream – Grants of up to $75,000 to Canada Indigenous nonprofit organizations and charities for programs that benefit Indigenous youth. 
  5. LIMIT8 Design Web Design Grants – Grants up to $10,000 to USA nonprofit organizations for marketing and website design services. Specifically, projects may involve graphic design, branding, marketing, SEO, and website maintenance and design. Services are intended to assist nonprofits in advancing their cause.

How to Find a Grant 

Grants can be overwhelming. Sometimes though, a few simple tips for finding grants relevant to your cause can help you hone in on the grants you need. Above all, it is critical to ensure you are eligible for the grant you are applying for. After you have found a grant you are eligible for, the next step is to apply. In fact, most applicants can generally apply for a grant themselves. However, if you want to hire a professional grant writer, visit to post a classified ad.

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