We Want to Hear from Researchers and Writers

GrantNews is looking for articles from researchers and writers who have written the needs sections of successful grant proposals.  The needs sections of federal proposals drive the goals, objectives, program activities and the evaluation objectives.

According to Libby Hikind, CEO and founder of GrantWatch.com, grantnews.com and four other grants websites;

Having been a federal grant reviewer myself – I have seen first hand when the proposed program will not meet the needs of the target population.  We can predict this when each grant section was written by a separate individual in an organization that obviously had little or no communication.

If you’re a researcher:
  • We’d love to hear about your hypothesis and how it drove the grant proposal.
  • Did you write the grant yourself or did you have help?
  • What guides did you use?
  • Who reviewed your grant?
  • Was there a peer-reviewed process?
  • If you were successful in acquiring a grant, do you have tips for anyone else applying for a research and evaluation grant?

We want to hear from health researchers, training researchers, teachers who show excellence in research, and more!

If you have a story to share, contact us!
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