Why You Should Be Applying for In-Kind Grants

If you’re not applying for in-kind grants, you could be missing out! An in-kind grant provides goods and pro-bono services instead of cash, with a similar application process to a standard grant. While in-kind grants tend to be forgotten by many, they could be just what you need.

Here are 8 In-Kind Grants Currently Available

1. A $30,000 in-kind marketing grant is available to improve publicity and communications. This can help organizations with rebranding, mailing campaigns, website improvements, and brochures, as a result.

2. Need promotional products? In-kind promotional materials are subsequently available to help with advertising, thank donors, and attract volunteers.

3. Nonprofit organizations can apply to participate in a fundraising program, specifically to help drive and increase donations.

4. In-kind computer donations are available to help organizations further expand their capacity and services to the community.

5. Up to $50,000 of technology equipment is now available to help nonprofits to help increase their productivity, cost-efficiency, and scalability.

6. Nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and public entities can apply for in-kind grants to receive property no longer needed by the federal government

7. Are you in need of purchasing materials, services, and tools to complete a project? In-kind support of up to $5,000 is available to nonprofits and government entities.

8. Lastly, there is no shortage of book donations to help provide communities with reading material.

Many organizations don’t realize operational resources, expenditures, and programs could be funded with an in-kind grant. “In-kind” (or also known as “grant-in-kind”) make up roughly five percent of all grants available. If you’re having no luck finding monetary funds, then try searching for in-kind support. As a result, these can be more valuable in the long run, providing you with ongoing support and assistance. Find more in-kind grants available in your area today!

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