Why You Should Be Applying for In-Kind Grants

If you’re not applying for in-kind grants, you could be missing out! But you may be wondering; what exactly is an in-kind grant? An in-kind grant provides donations of goods, services, or time instead of cash.

If you’ve never won a grant before, these donation grants are a great starting point to build your grant award history. While in-kind support tends to be forgotten by many, it could just be what you need right now!

10 In-Kind Grants Available:

1. In-kind grants of gift cards worth up to $500 are now available to nonprofits, schools, and public agencies.

2. Nonprofits can now register their interest to receive property no longer needed by the federal government.

3. Apply for this in-kind grant of desktop computers, available to nonprofit organizations for addressing the needs of underserved populations.

4. In-kind grants of donated goods and services are open to nonprofit programs that support homeless, low-income, and disabled veterans.

5. Education-related organizations can apply to receive branded technology products; such as power banks, USB flash drives, and charging cables. 

6. Apply for in-kind grants valued at up to $10,000 for marketing and website design services for your nonprofit.

7. Nonprofit organizations can apply for a $10,000 in-kind donation of internet advertising to raise awareness of their cause. 

8. In-kind donations of insulin are available to summer camps and nonprofit-sponsored camps.

9. Public elementary schools, Head Start programs, and preschools can apply for in-kind grants to implement STEM learning programs.

10. Lastly, there is no shortage of book donations available to schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations.

The Benefits of an In-Kind Grant

Many organizations don’t realize operational resources, expenditures, and programs could be funded with an in-kind grant. An in-kind grant (also known as a “grant-in-kind”), makes up roughly five percent of all grant funding available.

If you’re having no luck applying monetary funds, an in-kind grant can help to provide the materials, labor, or services needed. As a result, these can be more valuable in the long run, providing you with ongoing support and assistance from the funding source.

To discover more in-kind grants available, visit ‘Nonprofit Support Services‘ category on GrantWatch.com.

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