Wilderness Health Gets Grant For Telehealth Services

What is Wilderness Health?

It’s a collaborative of independent health care providers whose goal is to improve health care in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin.

“There’s value in keeping health care local. And to do that well, we need a sustainable model that aims to lower costs and increase the quality of care. Through smart strategies, such as shared services and accountable care organizations (ACOs), Wilderness Health will lead the transformation for rural health care systems.”

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Wilderness Health will be able to continue on their mission with the $800,000 grant. This grant will be used for developing the capacity to be able to provide telehealth services throughout the Wilderness health network. This will include the addition of a dedicated program manager, new equipment, and training resources to be able to support this new program.

The goal of this program is to be able to increase access to various health-related services, especially mental health services, lowering wait times that generally exist within that part of mental health services. This program is also meant to close the gap that exists in rural areas as well, which may have many people who live in those areas lack access to critical services.

Greg Ruberg, Wilderness Health Board Chair, and CEO spoke on the HRSA grant being awarded to Wilderness Health:

The HRSA grant will help to support Wilderness Health in leveraging the strong partnership of its 10 hospital members in Northeastern Minnesota to improve access to high-quality health care across the region. Our goal is to provide convenient access to innovative and cost-effective care delivery models, such as telehealth, to best serve patients in their own communities. Wilderness Health has made a commitment to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health care and to improve access to these vital services through this telehealth network.”

Mental Health Grants

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Wilderness Health
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