Schools Awarded Grants for Extended-Year and Year-Round Grants

The talk of year-round school has been circulating the web for quite some time now. Some schools have even already implemented such programs. Year-round school is beneficial to students due to more instructional time, making a larger impact on the performance of the students enrolled. But what makes such a program possible for the schools that have not yet implemented year-round or extended year programs?

These programs can be expensive, and with a lack of funding available within many school districts, they can be almost impossible to implement. However, there are ways to search for and gather funding to make programs, such as these, possible.

Erin Patterson made note that “Over $7.7 million in state grants has been awarded to 57 schools in 11 school divisions to support the development and implementation of year-round and extended-year instructional programs” (para. 1). These state grants provided these Virginia schools with a means of making year-round school a possibility, even when the current funding available to them may not have been enough. Grants are a great way to gather funding and make a change when change may seem out of reach.

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Searching for grants and writing grant proposals to gather funding for year-round school programs is an ideal way to make implementing these programs possible. Maybe you’re lost, not sure how to go about looking for grants that could help. Well, don’t worry, there is a platform designed to make life easier for people who need grants but don’t have time to look in many different places to find them. GrantWatch is the perfect place to look for grants and is updated daily with new grants that cover an array of different topics.

If you are part of a school district, a member of a school board, or a teacher that has a desire to see a change made to your current school program. Check GrantWatch for grants that will help you and your school implement year-round school programs.

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