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Literacy Grants: 

Literary grants for nonprofits, schools and libraries, early literacy grants, health literacy, financial literacy and literacy grants for teachers.   144 Literacy & Libraries Grants.

Grants to Ontario Nonprofits and Individuals for Wellness, Arts, Recreation, Social Services, and Environment

Deadline: 11/04/16

Grants of up to $5,000 to Ontario community and cultural nonprofits and individual artists for programs in the areas of social services, recreation, health, and the environment. Funding may also be granted for arts education and new, creative art wo... GrantWatch ID#: 175011

Grants to Texas Nonprofits and Agencies for Assistance to Veterans and Their Families

Deadline: 10/27/16

Grants starting at $5,000 to Texas nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies for assistance to veterans and their families. Applicants are encouraged to join the webinar on September 29, 2016. Funding is intended for, but not limited to, eme... GrantWatch ID#: 164527

Grants to Texas Nonprofits, Schools, Colleges, and Agencies to Hire Artists for Performances

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants ranging from $75 to $8,000 to Texas nonprofit organizations, schools, colleges, and government agencies to host artist presentations. Application drafts will be accepted and reviewed up to two weeks prior to the deadline. The intent of this p... GrantWatch ID#: 176313

Grants to Kentucky LEAs, Nonprofits, For-Profits, Agencies, and IHEs for Out-of-School Enrichment Programs

Deadline: 11/17/16

Grants to Kentucky school districts, nonprofits, for-profits, IHEs, community and faith-based organizations, and local government agencies to develop and implement out-of-school programming that promotes student success and social development. Quest... GrantWatch ID#: 176580

Grants to Connecticut School Districts, RESCs and Nonprofits for Joint Programs to Close the Achievement Gap

Deadline: 02/03/17

Grants to Connecticut school districts, regional educational service centers, and nonprofits for joint projects to establish inter-district cooperative educational programs that will reduce the achievement gap. RSVP by October 20 to attend the Octob... GrantWatch ID#: 176406

Grants to Rhode Island Individual Third Grade Teachers for Team Projects That Inspire Reading

Deadline: 10/23/16

Grants of up to $10,000 to Rhode Island third grade teacher and educator teams for projects that will encourage students to read and inspire a lifelong love of reading. Funding is intended for exceptionally creative projects that will make reading f... GrantWatch ID#: 176332

Grants to Wisconsin Nonprofits for Mental Health, Health Education, and Health Access

Deadline: 10/24/16

Grants to Wisconsin nonprofits for far-reaching health programs focussed on education and outreach. Initiatives may be physician-led, community-based, or statewide, with priority funding for member physician-led, evidence-based pilot projects. Proje... GrantWatch ID#: 173567

Grants to USA Nonprofits for Assistance to Poverty-Stricken Women in Developing Countries

Deadline: 10/24/16

Grants ranging from $35,000-$50,000 to USA nonprofit and grassroots organizations for projects, programs, and services that assist women in developing countries. Funding is intended to help women living in extreme poverty in the areas of health and ... GrantWatch ID#: 175552

Grants to Edmonton, Alberta Nonprofits to Promote Educational and Economic Success

Deadline: 10/25/16

Grants ranging from $40,000 to $60,000 to Edmonton, Alberta nonprofit organizations to promote the economic success of young people by improving education. Funding may be requested for specific initiatives involving literacy in grades K-3, learning ... GrantWatch ID#: 176244

Grant to a Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin Nonprofit to Solve a Community Problem

Deadline: 10/25/16

Grant of $5,000 to a Greater Milwaukee Area, Wisconsin nonprofit organization to support a program or initiative that meets a community need. Consideration will be given to both new or existing programs in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee, a... GrantWatch ID#: 172600

Grants to Knoxville County, Tennessee Individual Teachers for Creative Class Initiatives

Deadline: 10/26/16

Grants ranging from $50 to $500 to Knox County, Tennessee individual teachers for creative classroom projects. Examples of funded projects include STEAM initiatives, poetry events, science fairs, field trips, classroom supplies and materials, books ... GrantWatch ID#: 175821

Grants to Los Angeles County, California Individual Teachers for Innovative Class Enrichment

Deadline: 10/28/16

Grants of $500 to Los Angeles County, California individual teachers for creative approaches to K-12 classroom curriculum. Funding is intended to enrich students' learning experiences. Previous funding has supported special education, business conce... GrantWatch ID#: 175656

Grants to Arkansas Individual Educators for Teaching Opportunities in Low-Income Communities

Deadline: 10/30/16
Conference Date: 11/14/16

Grants to Arkansas individual teachers for a fellowship opportunity to teach in underserved communities. Funding is intended for individuals who have community service experience working in low-income or minority communities and are committed to soc... GrantWatch ID#: 166024

Grants to Black Hawk County, Iowa Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools to Improve the Lives of Women and Girls

Deadline: 10/31/16

Grants of up to $10,000 to Black Hawk County, Iowa nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools to improve the lives of girls, women, and their families. Programs may address issues faced by women in the categories of poverty and homele... GrantWatch ID#: 175442

Grants to Marion County, Indiana Public, Private, IHE, and High School Libraries for Programming

Deadline: 10/31/16

Grants to Marion County, Indiana eligible public, private, high school, and university libraries for innovative programming. Priority funding will be given to libraries that demonstrate need and make requests that are not a part of general operating... GrantWatch ID#: 175784

Grants to USA Nonprofits to Promote Safety, Education, and Community Development

Deadline: 10/31/16

Grants starting at $5,000 to USA nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, volunteer fire companies, and chambers of commerce for programs that focus on promoting safety, community development, and/or education in their... GrantWatch ID#: 176084


Grants to Hawaii Nonprofits and Public Agencies to Preserve Cultural Resources

Deadline: 10/31/16

Grants of up to $7,000 to Hawaii nonprofit organizations and public institutions to preserve cultural materials and ensure that they are accessible to the public. An LOI must be submitted in advance of the deadline. A qualifying humanities scholar o... GrantWatch ID#: 170773

Awards to USA, Canada, and Mexico Librarians for Extraordinary Achievements in the Library Profession

Deadline: 11/01/16

Awards to USA, Canada, and Mexico qualified librarians to recognize extraordinary achievements that demonstrate the top goals within the library profession. These goals may include the improvement and extension of library services to all areas of t... GrantWatch ID#: 174734

Grants to Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas Nonprofits for Arts, Education, and Human Services

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants to Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas nonprofit organizations and, in certain circumstances, public agencies for capital projects and operating programs that address documented community needs. Applicants must submit an LOI well in advanc... GrantWatch ID#: 175229

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Arts, Education, Economic Development, and Environment

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants to Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia nonprofits for programs and projects focusing on the areas of education, community and economic development, environment, and arts and culture. The Foundation supports projec... GrantWatch ID#: 175758

Grants to Pennsylvania and New Jersey Nonprofits for Children's Literacy in Greater Philadelphia

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants typically ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 to Philadelphia and Chester, Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey nonprofits for K-12 literacy programs. Funding is intended for economically underserved students, defined as 70% of participants eligibl... GrantWatch ID#: 175773

Grants to Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Vermont Nonprofits for Education and Community Projects

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants starting at $5,000 to Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Vermont nonprofits for programs benefiting those living and working in the counties* where the funding source has offices. First-time applicants must contact Foundation staff pri... GrantWatch ID#: 175974

Grants to Wayne County, Michigan Nonprofits for Children's Education, Health, and Enrichment

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants ranging from $500 to $3,000 to Wayne County, Michigan nonprofit organizations to improve the lives of local children. Programs may be in the areas of education, health, culture, and recreation. Within the program area of education, the Founda... GrantWatch ID#: 175741

Grants to Louisiana Nonprofits for Programs that Benefit Children and Youth

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants ranging between $4,000 and $40,000 to Lousiana nonprofits for programs that benefit local children and youth. Funding is intended for programs focusing on the areas of academic success, strong families, expanded horizons, and vocational train... GrantWatch ID#: 175757

Grants to Wayne County, Pennsylvania Nonprofits for Health, Human Services, Literacy, Education, and Arts

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants to Wayne County, Pennsylvania nonprofits for programs that will improve the quality of life within the local community. Funding will be awarded to programs in the areas of education, community development, the environment, the arts, culture, ... GrantWatch ID#: 175769

Grants to USA Two-Year Postsecondary Schools to Enhance Humanities Programming

Deadline: 01/12/17
LOI Date: 11/01/16

Grants to USA two-year colleges to enhance humanities curricula and prepare students for a future as engaged citizens. The preliminary application component is due by November 1. This program supports community colleges throughout the country in fac... GrantWatch ID#: 174339

Grants to Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts Individuals and Nonprofits for Jewish Learning Programs

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants of up to $500 to Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts nonprofit organizations, individuals, schools and libraries for projects and programs that encourage learning about Jewish cultural topics with an aim to dispel prejudice, bias, and in... GrantWatch ID#: 171508

Grants to Massachusetts Nonprofits and Agencies for Early Childhood Education and Community Benefit

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants to Massachusetts nonprofit organizations and agencies in Adams, Cheshire or Savoy for innovative community benefit initiatives. Priority funding will be given to projects in the focus area of early childhood development. Proposals will be con... GrantWatch ID#: 174222

Grants to Elkhart County, Indiana Nonprofits, Schools and Agencies for Youth Development and Community Programs

Deadline: 01/01/17
LOI Date: 11/01/16

Grants starting at $10,000 to Elkhart County, Indiana schools, nonprofits and agencies to develop and implement new and innovative programs in the following areas: youth development, vibrant community, and quality of life. A Letter of Intent is due ... GrantWatch ID#: 174643

Grants to Allamakee County, Iowa Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies for Community Development

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants of up to $500 to Allamakee County, Iowa nonprofit organizations, schools, and governmental agencies for projects, programs, and services that benefit local residents. Funding is intended for the focus areas of community development, community... GrantWatch ID#: 175315


Grants to Cook Inlet, Alaska Nonprofits, Tribes, and Natives for Education and Heritage Projects

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants to Alaska nonprofit organizations, tribal organizations, and individual Natives sponsored by nonprofits for projects that involve and benefit Cook Inlet Alaska Native communities in the areas of education and heritage. Applicants are encourag... GrantWatch ID#: 176237


Grants to New Hampshire Nonprofits, Schools, and Museums for Public Humanities Engagement

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants of up to $1,000 to New Hampshire nonprofit organizations, schools, museums, colleges, historical societies, and community service groups to engage the public in humanities discussions. This funding stream is intended for short series and sing... GrantWatch ID#: 176591


Grants to Sioux Falls Area, South Dakota Nonprofits for Arts, Education, Health, and Environment

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants starting at $2,500 to Sioux Falls Area, South Dakota nonprofit organizations for projects benefitting communities within Minnehaha, Lincoln, McCook, and Turner Counties. Applicants must submit an LOI prior to the deadline. Program areas inclu... GrantWatch ID#: 175993


Grants to Northwest Mississippi Nonprofits and Agencies for Education, Health Care, and Youth Programs

Deadline: 11/01/16

Grants to Northwest Mississippi nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and governmental units for programs and projects addressing the broad areas of education, health care, and youth. Specific focus areas, priorities, and suggestions for propos... GrantWatch ID#: 176335


Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Arts, Education, and Social Services

Deadline: 02/01/17
LOI Date: 11/01/16

Grants of up to $50,000 to Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington nonprofit organizations for programs in the areas of education, arts, and social services. Preliminary applications are due November 1. The Foundation s... GrantWatch ID#: 176376

Grants to New York and Wyoming Nonprofits for Education and Youth Programs

Deadline: 11/03/16

Grants of up to $1,000 to New York and Wyoming nonprofit organizations for programs in the areas of education and youth. A Letter of Intent is due November 3. Funding is intended to address the educational needs in languages, arts, story, and recr... GrantWatch ID#: 173974

Grants to St. Mary's County, Maryland Schools to Host Visiting Artists for Workshops and Performances

Deadline: 11/04/16

Grants ranging from $100 to $500 to St. Mary’s County, Maryland elementary and secondary schools to provide students with quality arts experiences, including music, drama, dance, visual art, and literature. Funding may be used to host arts perform... GrantWatch ID#: 169206

Grants to Connecticut and Rhode Island Nonprofits for Low-Income Family Support and Job Training

Deadline: 11/04/16

Grants to New London County, Connecticut and Westerly/Pawcatuck, Rhode Island nonprofits and agencies for community benefit activities. Funding is specifically intended for projects, programs, or services in the focus areas of affordable housing, ba... GrantWatch ID#: 175376


Grants to Lake County, Illinois Teachers to Promote Agricultural Education in Grades K-12

Deadline: 11/04/16

Grants of up to $250 to Lake County, Illinois kindergarten through twelfth-grade teachers for projects that incorporate agricultural education into the curriculum. Funding will be provided for proposals such as, but not limited to, agricultural les... GrantWatch ID#: 175036

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Libraries and Individuals to Provide Research Indexes and Lists

Deadline: 11/06/16

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA, Canada, and International individuals, libraries, library programs, and funding source affiliates to assemble scholarly library resource guides serving United States library patrons. Examples of resources include index... GrantWatch ID#: 174274


Grants to Israel Nonprofits to Improve the Quality of Life and End Poverty for Underprivileged Individuals

Deadline: 03/01/17
LOI Date: 11/07/16

Grants ranging between $2,500 - $20,000 to Israel nonprofits for programs that will enhance the quality of life for local underprivileged families and individuals. LOIs are due November 7. Programs should provide individuals with the necessary mea... GrantWatch ID#: 175869

Awards to Recognize USA and Canada Community College English Teachers and Administrators

Deadline: 11/10/16

Awards, including a $500 travel stipend, to USA and Canada community college English teachers and administrators in recognition of their innovative programs that enhance students’ language learning. These awards focus on programs (i.e., broad ini... GrantWatch ID#: 160628

Grants to Curry County, Oregon Nonprofits to Enrich Local Arts, Heritage, and Humanities

Deadline: 11/10/16

Grants of up to $1,000 to Curry County, Oregon for projects in the areas of arts, heritage, and humanities that benefit the local community. Funding may be used for events in relevant areas. Art projects may include music, writing, painting, drama, ... GrantWatch ID#: 176413

Grants to DeKalb County, Illinois Nonprofits and Schools to Help Underserved and Marginalized People

Deadline: 11/11/16

Grants of up to $2,500 to DeKalb County, Illinois nonprofits, schools and faith-based organizations that provide services to underserved and marginalized populations. Special interest may be given to programs focusing on recent immigrants and young ... GrantWatch ID#: 175568


Grants to South Carolina Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies for Literary Arts Events

Deadline: 11/14/16

Grants of up to $3,000 to South Carolina nonprofits, educational organizations, and government agencies for public projects related to the literary arts. Examples of eligible projects include but are not limited to festivals, workshops, conferences,... GrantWatch ID#: 176411

Grants to Maine Nonprofits for Economic Development, Children's Wellbeing, and Social Welfare

Deadline: 11/15/16

Grants of up to $25,000 to Maine nonprofit organizations to enhance the quality of life primarily by fostering entrepreneurial initiatives, promoting job and business growth, and improving the lives of children. While the majority of grants are made... GrantWatch ID#: 175745

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Health, Community, Economy, and Educational Programs

Deadline: 11/15/16

Grants to Arizona, Florida, California, Michigan, and Texas nonprofit organizations for programs and projects that focus on promoting economic development, neighborhood revitalization, education, health care, and diversity and inclusion. Priorities... GrantWatch ID#: 176342

Grants to Adair County, Iowa Nonprofits and Agencies for Tourism, Recreation, Economy, and Public Services

Deadline: 11/15/16

Smaller grants of up to $1,000 and larger grants of up to $10,000 to Adair County, Iowa nonprofit organizations and governmental units for programs and projects that focus on tourism and beautification, public services, economic well-being, and/or r... GrantWatch ID#: 176093


Awards to USA, Canada, and International Individual Writers for Ethnic Children's Books

Deadline: 11/15/16

Awards to USA, Canada, and International writers and writer/illustrators for an unpublished manuscript that highlights an ethnic and cultural background traditionally under-represented in American children’s literature. Manuscripts may represent,... GrantWatch ID#: 154356


Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple Northeastern States for Education, Life Skills, and Housing

Deadline: 11/15/16

Grants to Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont nonprofits for programs that will improve the quality of life in the communities where the funding source conducts business. Primary focus will be given ... GrantWatch ID#: 175499

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