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Grants to Colorado Agencies and Water Providers to Develop Local Water Conservation Strategies


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USA: Colorado

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Water Conservation Planning Grants

Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB)

Agency: State

GrantWatch ID #164092

Grant Description

Grants to Colorado local government agencies and other water providers to develop or update water conservation plans to advance statewide water conservation efforts. Funding may be used to offset staff costs and other internal expenses associated with the development of a conservation plan. Funding may also be used to engage the technical assistance of a water conservation professional or consultant.

Preference may be given to those applicants that follow the structure and processes described in the CWCB’s Water Conservation Plan Development Guidance Document.

The Water Efficiency Grant Program Fund provides financial assistance for the following purposes:
-Developing Water Conservation plans
-Implementing CWCB-approved Water Conservation plans
-Promoting the benefits of water resource conservation through public education and outreach projects.
-Developing Drought Mitigation plans

It is the explicit intent of the Board to work with water users and local entities to increase meaningful water conservation in the state by:
-Increasing the number of local entities with CWCB approved water conservation plans;
-Improving the nature and breadth of water conservation practices at the local level; and
-Increasing the amount of technical assistance that the CWCB provides to local entities.

With these objectives in mind, the Board intends to administer the Water Efficiency Grant program for purposes of providing assistance to the following:
-Covered entities that require Water Conservation Plans to qualify for water project funding under Board and CWRPA programs;
-Covered entities that need to update and/or amend existing Water Conservation Plans currently on file with the Office to maintain funding from the Board or the CWRPA in adherence with §37-60-126;
-Covered entities that desire to improve, update, and/or create Water Conservation Plans

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  • Others (see text field entitled "Additional Eligibility Criteria" for clarification)

Additional Eligibility Criteria:

These grants may be distributed to the following:
-Covered entities and state and local governmental entities

Covered entity: means each municipality, agency, utility, including any privately owned utility, or other publicly owned entity with a legal obligation to supply, distribute, or otherwise provide water at retail to domestic, commercial, industrial, or public facility customers, and that has a total demand for such customers of two thousand acre-feet or more.

Local Governmental Entity: means a county, municipality, city and county, water district, water and sanitation district, metropolitan district that provides water services, water conservation district, water conservancy district, or water authority.

To apply, an applicant must demonstrate that:
-It is in fact a covered entity (as defined above); through its annual retail water demand for the past five years; or that
-It is in fact a state or local governmental entity through the disclosure of its organizational structure, its charter (or equivalent).

Pre-Application Information:

Entities requesting funding under this program must demonstrate the ability to provide 25% of the total Water Conservation Plan development project budget with matching funds, either as cash or in-kind services or through payment of consulting fees or any combination thereof. Any project partner contributing to the matching fund requirement must provide documentation, such as a letter, detailing the amount and purpose of their commitment.

The Board will consider applications with a reduced level of matching funds; however these applicants will need to demonstrate financial hardship to be eligible for a Board waiver of the matching fund requirement.

CWCB staff will review applications to determine whether they meet eligibility requirements and have complied with all application submittal requirements specified in these guidelines. Based on this evaluation, the staff will recommend grants for applications for grant awards under $50,000 will be approved administratively. A recommended grant award of $50,000 or more will be reviewed and approved by the CWCB Board as appropriate.

Requests less than $50,000 may be submitted any time throughout the year. ­

Requests of $50,000 or more must be submitted by the first of the month prior to a bi-monthly Board meeting to be considered for award at that Board meeting (e.g., applications must be received by February 1 to be considered for award at the March Board meeting).

Funds for the Grant Program will become available on July 1 of each year. Applications can be submitted at anytime during the fiscal year to the Office for consideration noting that a given application must be received by the 1st of the month prior to the Board meeting to be considered for award at that Board meeting (e.g., applications must be received by February 1st to be considered for award at the March Board meeting).

Awards will be made at each of the Board’s bi-monthly meetings (i.e., January, March, May, July, September, and November) as warranted by demand and quality of applications. Award of the available monies can be made for one fiscal year, or for a group of fiscal years depending upon the availability of funding, the needs of the Board and the merits of any given application.

CWCB Water Conservation Plan Development Guidance Document:


Board Meetings:

Application Resources:

Additional Funding Information:

Estimated Size of Grant:

Requests may be for less than $50,000 (may be submitted at any time) or $50,000 or more (due by the first month prior to the Board meeting).

Term of Contract:

Note that all monies awarded under this Grant Program must be expended before June 30, 2020.

Contact Information:

Ben Wade
303-866-3441 x3238

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