America’s Farmers Grow Communities Program

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies in Multiples
States to Improve Farm-Based Communities

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Monsanto Fund

11/30/16 5:00 PM CT

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Grants of $2,500 to USA nonprofits and government agencies in multiples states chosen by winning farmers who are actively engaged in farming corn, soybeans, cotton, field vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, and/or cucumbers grown in protected culture.

Funding must be used by the selected nonprofit or governmental agency to improve local communities and organizations within the county where the winner farms or resides.


County Eligibility:

This Program is open to farmers who live or farm in one of the eligible Counties listed in the "Eligible Counties" section at:

The Eligible Counties meet one of the following criteria:

- A total of either (i) 30,000 acres of corn, soybeans and/or cotton, and/or (ii) 30,000 acres of vegetables (defined as one or more of the following: pepper; tomato; onion; broccoli; cucumber; melons; watermelons; spinach; squash; pumpkin; sweet corn; lettuce; peas; and garden beans), are planted per calendar year within the boundaries of the county. Planted acreage is based on the January 2016 U.S.D.A Crop Production Report for 2015 State acres as received from Farm Service Agency (FSA) data with estimated county level acreage; or
- The county was eligible to participate in the America’s Farmers Grow Communities program in a prior year.

Farmer Eligibility:

Entrants must:
1) Live or farm in an Eligible County,
2) Be 21 years of age or older at time of enrollment, and
3) Be actively engaged in farming a minimum of 250 acres of corn, soybeans, and/or cotton or 40 acres of open field vegetables (as defined above), or at least 10 acres of tomatoes, peppers, and/or cucumbers grown in protected culture (glasshouse, nethouse, plastic).

Entrants are limited to one entry per qualified person (regardless of the form of entry). A farmer is “actively engaged in farming” if he or she performs the work on the farm, or hires and actively manages others who do so.

Eligible Charities:

In order to be eligible to receive a grant under this Program (a “Grant”), the charity selected by an entrant (a “Charity”) must be a tax-exempt public charity, meaning that the Charity must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) or as a “unit of government” under Section 170(c)(1).

Any Charity that discriminates against any individual by virtue of his or her race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, gender identity, gender expression, gender orientation (real or perceived), or any other characteristic protected by applicable United States federal or state law is not eligible to receive a Grant.

Individuals Not Eligible to Participate:

The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the program: (i) officers, directors, and employees of Monsanto Fund (the “Sponsor”), or of any of its representatives or advertising/promotion agencies; (ii) officers, directors and employees, of Monsanto Company, or of any of its subsidiaries or affiliates; (iii) spouses or domestic partners of any of the officers, directors or employees listed in (i) or (ii), above; (iv) officers, directors and employees of any seed dealers; and (v) spouses or domestic partners of any of the officers, directors or employees listed in (iv), above.

Grants may not be used by the selected charity for any of the following: (a) individual aid or personal support; (b) underwriting deficits; (c) fraternal, labor or veterans’ organizations, unless the project benefits the general public; (d) benefits, dinners or advertisements; (e) religious, politically partisan, or similar groups; (f) endowments; (g) activities that directly support marketing programs; or (h) projects in which Monsanto Fund or Monsanto Company has a financial interest, or from which either one could derive a financial benefit. Determinations of whether the proposed use of funds meets the criteria described herein shall be made in the Sponsor’s sole discretion.

How it Works:

Farmers enroll for a chance to win a $2,500 donation to direct to a local nonprofit. Winners will be randomly selected in December 2016. Also in December, the winning farmers will be contacted via phone or email to confirm his or her eligibility and to select a local nonprofit to receive the donation. Winning farmers will be officially announced in January 2017.

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Before starting your grant application, please review the funding source's website listed below for updates/changes/addendums/conferences/LOIs.

Farmers, enroll today for your chance to win a grant for your favorite local nonprofit:

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The full list of counties are listed in the "Eligible Counties" section at:

See the full text of this grant

USA: Alabama;   Arizona;   Arkansas;   California;   Colorado;   Delaware;   Florida;   Georgia;   Idaho;   Illinois;   Indiana;   Iowa;   Kansas;   Kentucky;   Louisiana;   Maryland;   Michigan;   Minnesota;   Mississippi;   Missouri;   Montana;   Nebraska;   New Jersey;   New Mexico;   New York;   North Carolina;   North Dakota;   Ohio;   Oklahoma;   Oregon;   Pennsylvania;   South Carolina;   South Dakota;   Tennessee;   Texas;   Utah;   Vermont;   Virginia;   Washington;   Wisconsin;   Wyoming

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