5 Technology Grants For A More-Well Connected Future

Let’s talk about technology! Technology is important because it connects us. Technology allowed us to have students learn during a pandemic. It allows us to see loved ones who we couldn’t see in person. It has increased our ability to detect disease and treat it. There’s so much to say about how technology initiatives have worked to improve people’s lives between ensuring that students have access to laptops, funding interactive classroom activities on things like the environment. This is the result of applying for technology-related grants.

There are so many ways that technology-related grants can help to fill gaps and increase access. There have been initiatives to teach seniors how to use computers and ones to ensure that people living in rural areas or tribal lands have more broadband access. That’s why I love getting to tell stories and share successes. But, today, I’d like to share some grants listed on our website that may help our subscribers to fund their initiatives or programs.

So I’m going to share five-technology related grants, and I hope you find one that’s perfect for yours funding needs.

Let’s Talk Tech: 5 Technology-Related Grants To Look At

  1. So, to begin with, here’s a technology-related grant that is kind of fun. This grant is for USA small businesses to focus on high-risk technology research. This grant is available to small businesses both in the United States and its territories. Funding will go towards collaborative research to establish if it’s practical to create commercially high-risk technology.
  2. And here’s a grant for nonprofits & businesses in Washington D.C to develop technology to remove debris from local shorelines. These grants of up to $60,000 are to test technology to see if it should be more widely adopted.
  3. We also have this awesome grant listed for the USA, Canada, and International nonprofits that serve BIPOC or other underserved communities. These grants of up to $10,000 will go to nonprofit organizations for technology upgrades.
  4. I have to share this grant with our subscribers. Here we have listed grants to Michigan and Nebraska nonprofits to create youth technology centers. Up to $50,000 in funding is available for these nonprofits that serve teens. The goal is to create youth technology centers that foster creativity and ingenuity.
  5. Finally, here’s a grant we have listed that’s focused on expanding broadband access. This grant is for Minnesota organizations for research studies on regional broadband network technology. These grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded to Minnesota organizations to expand broadband access in rural areas.

GrantWatch Understands the Importance of Technology

Technology is important because it connects all of us. It allows for more access to more people. Technology can allow us to educate, innovate, and find new ways to accomplish goals. We are so proud to be able to list all of these grants so that our subscribers can find them and apply for grants that help them in their initiatives. If you are looking for even more grants like this we have an entire technology grant category. Check out this grant category, and any others to find the right match for your project and organization.

If you have any questions about this grant category or anything else, reach out to our team! Our customer support-staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can reach them by calling 561-249-4129!

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