Storms Prompt New Hires from SBA


In the last month, our nation has experienced multiple 500-year storms: Harvey, Irma and Maria. While the rising waters and ceaseless winds destroyed many small businesses, leaving doors closed and individuals without jobs, the demand for building trades has made contractors the most sought-after workers.

Recovery efforts have prompted the need for new hires to fill jobs from the Small Business Administration.

“The Small Business Administration is hiring temporary employees to assist with disaster relief efforts this hurricane season from September 1st to December 31st, 2017” (U.S. Small Business Administration).

While these temporary positions cannot compensate for the severe loss of work, they provide an opportunity to accelerate the rebuilding process and a chance for others to contribute necessary skills and experience during the recovery period.

You can find the following job listings and corresponding application details on

  • Administrative Support Assistants
  • Attorneys
  • Business and Home Loan Officers
  • Construction Analysts (Loss Verifiers)
  • Cost & Damage Estimation/Damage Verification/Flood Zone Mapping
  • Credit Analysis/Loan Processing/Mortgage Underwriting
  • Document Preparation/Legal Review/Loan Closings
  • Information Technology Specialists (Customer Support)
  • Loan Processing Assistance/Clerical/Data Entry/Document Scanning

During this critical stage of restoration, it’s time to consider the effectiveness of current disaster-prevention procedures. GrantWatch offers a disaster-relief database of funding opportunities to implement adequate, updated prevention tactics and systems.

While repairing the damages, consider how this destruction can be avoided in the future. Find suitable grants and other funding opportunities to ensure such damages will not reoccur. Prepare for what lies beyond the horizon with

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