A Snapshot: Capture These Seven Grants in Honor of World Photography Day

Aug. 19 marks World Photography Day. This annual celebration centers on appreciating the gift of photography. It also focuses on providing support to people with a strong interest in the craft whether it be in a professional, educational or recreational manner.

Photography has been around since the late 1830s and is an important medium for both storytelling and expression. This art form is a crucial part of everyday life. It captures moments, memories, feelings and keeps them alive forever. Without photography, certain truths would never be revealed, certain stories never told.

In honor of World Photography Day, GrantWatch has several grants pertaining to photography.

Seven Grants in Honor of World Photography Day

  1. Grants of $150 to international educators for digital classes with visiting artists. The purpose of the grant program is to allow educators to provide opportunities for students to learn about photography from professional photographers. Funds will go to an honorarium for the artist. Deadline: Ongoing
  2. Grants to journalists, reporters, photographers, and filmmakers worldwide for projects that report on a crisis situation occurring anywhere in the world. Projects with minimum traveling requirements and that can be completed in the near future will take priority. Deadline: Ongoing
  3. Grants to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the U.S. to digitally archive historic photographs from the institution’s collection. The goal of the program is to increase knowledge of previously unknown history as well as provide a revenue stream for the school. Deadline: 09/30/21
  4. Grants of $550 to photographers and visual artists for financial assistance to support the development of new ideas and the creation of new work. Eligible mediums and genres include painting, drawing, mixed media, new media, printmaking, sculpture, installation, film, and video, and the following types of photography: portrait, conceptual, still life, black and white, documentary, street, composite and collage. Deadline: 9/16/21
  5. Prizes to photographers for outstanding work addressing corruption and human rights. The prize will go to a photograph that addresses leadership and courage in combating corruption, especially through promoting accountability, transparency, the rule of law. Deadline: 11/01/21
  6. Loans of professional-grade camera equipment to USA independent filmmakers, training programs, and film schools. Applicants may request film, cameras, or digital camera packages. Deadline: Ongoing (Submit proposals at least two months before the planned shoot)
  7. Grants of up to $5,000 to individual artists, collectives, and artist-journalist teams to support innovative journalistic projects. These projects can be in range of categories, including text, photography, audio, and video. Deadline: Ongoing

GrantWatch Notes

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