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GrantWatch Headline News: For small business owners, securing essential funding has been identified as one of the most critical challenges to overcome. Some small businesses turn to traditional loans, a common funding method. However, loans are often difficult to obtain for new enterprises. Moreover, these loans come with the burden of repayment, typically with added interest. The good news? An important alternative funding option has emerged: grants. Unlike loans, grants do not require repayment. In fact, they provide a much-needed financial boost without the long-term debt!

Where can small businesses find these elusive grants? While the internet offers a number of free resources, they often lead to outdated or unreliable information. In addition, grant seekers can also peruse the government site for the multitude of funding possibilities there. However, the government site can be confusing and hard to navigate. Enter GrantWatch, a specialized grant search database – with funding sources meticulously researched and grants categorized – offering a reliable solution. GrantWatch, an acclaimed online service that streamlines the grant search process, has always led the pack when it comes to the multitude of bells and whistles offered. In addition to the GrantWatch database, many organizations are now enlisting professional grant writers to craft compelling applications. The combined efforts and strategic planning increase their chances of securing vital funds.

The Inside Scoop

Grant Watch has a category dedicated to Small Business grants with almost 1300 funding opportunities currently available. But, stop the presses, there’s more! There are a wide range of grants that fall into many different categories and industries, all of contain business grants as well. This includes grant categories like Capital Funding, Operating Support, Entrepreneurs and Startups, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), and Veterans and Military. Grant funding can come from local, state, or federal governments, In addition, private foundations and corporations are also valuable funding sources. Today, GrantWatch has the inside scoop for our subscribers. We are sharing a sampling with 10 small business grants, each carefully chosen to represent the diverse nature of the funding opportunities that GrantWatch cultivates. Stay tuned!

10 Small Business Grants

  1. First, grants to small businesses for professional development opportunities for current employees. Training can be customized by the recipient business to meet specific workforce needs.
  2. There are also grants available to small businesses for research addressing sustainable agriculture and renewable energy technology.
  3. Funding of $20,000 and in-kind support are offered to Black female small business owners to foster the growth of their businesses.
  4. Rebates up to $50,000 to nonprofit organizations, businesses, and IHEs for innovative activities that foster economic development
  5. Grants up to $20,000 to businesses for workforce development opportunities. Funding allows employers to conduct training that helps to enhance employees’ skills. 
  6. Booksellers, bookstore owners, and comic store owners may be eligible for financial assistance to help with unforeseen events and circumstances. 
  7. Sponsorships up to $5,000 to businesses to support events and activities benefiting communities where the funding source has a business presence. Areas of focus include healthcare, education, the arts, environment and wildlife, and community services and support.
  8. Grants to export-ready small businesses to expand international export markets. Funding may be used for expenses such as marketing, research, and travel expenses related to attending foreign and domestic events. 
  9. Up to $10,000 to individual farmers and verifiable farm businesses to promote the development of new sources of agricultural income.
  10. Finally, small businesses may apply for grants to promote business growth and expansion. Funding is for business development opportunities that include equipment purchases, repairs, and marketing efforts.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, it’s clear that there are quite literally thousands of grants listed on the GrantWatch website, with many applicable to various businesses both nationally and internally. Your friends at GrantWatch invite you to visit our database and peruse the grant funding opportunities that your business may qualify for.

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