Celebrating Canada with Grant Funding

Celebrate Canada with Grant Funding! In terms of wide open spaces, with close to 4 million square miles, Canada, as a country, is only second in size to Russia in terms of sheer land mass. With that much size, it’s no wonder that there are numerous grants available for a variety of projects and purposes that help contribute to Canada’s continued economic growth and development.

GrantWatch is saying, “Howdy, neighbor!” and thanking Canada for things like Niagara Falls (if you haven’t visited, plan a trip, ASAP), the Northern Lights, hockey excellence, and of course, maple syrup! In addition, Canada is known for its people. Friendly, diverse, and welcoming, Canadians are among the most hospitable folks in the world. In the spirit of friendship, GrantWatch is providing a list of some of the many grant funding opportunities available in Canada! GrantWatch also offers a list of close to 1,700 grants in its Community and Economic Development grants listing category. This category has both local, state/province, national and international funding opportunities available.

The Important Role Canada Plays as Part of the World Bank Group

Canada is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of its citizens. To that end, the country implements robust initiatives aimed at combating poverty and enhancing quality of life. The steadfast goal? A shared prosperity for all!

“Canada exemplifies a global standard for stability, sustainable economic growth, and inclusive development, demonstrating its commitment through a longstanding collaboration with the World Bank Group.” Canada has partnered with fellow nations since 1945 to fund projects, shape policies, and implement programs aimed at ending poverty and increasing sustainable development. Canada’s advocacy for multilateralism has been integral to its foreign policy since the conclusion of World War II. The country seeks to amplify its financial contributions, expertise, and resources for significant global impact in poverty alleviation and sustainable development. In turn, Canada is not only as a key financial supporter but also as a dedicated ally in the shared mission to eradicate extreme poverty and foster widespread prosperity.

Below is a list of Canadian Community and Economic Development grants and other funding.

Canadian Community and Economic Development Grants and Opportunities

  1. To begin, grants up to to $50,000 to nonprofits for programs to benefit vulnerable youth. Funding supports educational engagement and career readiness and pave the way to stable, successful employment and lift individuals out of poverty
  2. Funding up to $5,000 to nonprofit organizations for worldwide injustice initiatives. Eligible organizations provide programs in a broad range of areas, including the arts, hunger and homelessness, environment, women, public health, and disadvantaged youth.
  3. Up to $50,000 to Indigenous nonprofit organizations, registered charities, and community groups for Indigenous-led programs. Funding includes health and mental health, education, and technology.
  4. Opportunity for eligible Canadian startups to participate in a business development program. Applications are welcome from businesses in all industries, verticals, and models. Participants will receive investment funding, mentoring, deals and perks, and networking support. Participants will also attend a 12-week program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in person.
  5. There are grants to Canadian Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) faculty members to partner companies, researcher-owned companies, and early-stage investment groups to development of technology-projects from colleges and universities to companies throughout the country. Certain applicants will be required to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) and contact their International Labor Organization (ILO) prior to submitting a full grant application. Funding supports research and development projects that demonstrate technology transfer potential.

Additional Canadian Community and Economic Development Grants

  1. Also, grants of up to $50,000 and in-kind support of software and related services to Canadian nonprofits that work to address social problems in local disadvantaged communities. By providing funding and technology solutions, these organizations can promote resilience, foster community action, and create technology pathways.
  2. Grants of up to $50,000 to eligible Canadian nonprofits for programs to benefit vulnerable youth. Funding is for programs to support educational engagement and career readiness and pave the way to stable, successful employment and lift individuals out of poverty.
  3. There are grants of up to $25,000 to regional districts and municipalities for capacity-building projects. Funding is to increase the sustainability of services by improving asset management practices. In fact, new projects and new project components are eligible for funding. Grants are to be used to support activities that advance local government asset management planning or practices, and that facilitate better integration of asset management planning with long-term financial planning.
  4. In addition, grants to eligible First Nations and non-First Nations charitable organizations for economic/community development projects that benefit First Nations communities. Applicants must complete required registrations prior to applying. Funding is for programs within a range of focus areas, including education, economic development, health, and social well-being.
  5. Lastly, grants of up to $5,000 to individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and groups for training and workforce development within the tourism industry. Applicants must contact the funding source prior to applying. Funding is to address workforce needs with the goal of promoting a competitive industry. Eligible training courses may be on line or in-person workshops, job shadowing and coaching, mentoring, informal apprenticeships and internships, or a combination of these and other training opportunities.

In Conclusion

We hope the information provided will help increase awareness about Canadian Community and Economic Development!

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