Grant Awarded for Adult Education and Literacy Program

Literacy is essential to learning and being able to engage with the written word. It is foundational for reading, absorbing key information. Plus communicating effectively, and doing everyday things like writing text messages and emails. For many jobs, literacy is absolutely necessary for maintaining employment in our connected world. And that includes students and young people.

We understand it’s important that kids are able to read and write. How about adults who have English as their second language? And what if someone is in a rural area where this is a lack of access to the internet? Well, a grant awarded to a literacy program in Cape Girardeau, aims to help with a lot of those problems.

Are you a nonprofit organization in California and Massachusetts? There is currently a grant available for programs that improve literacy and transmit new skills and knowledge.

Funding Programs Is Important

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation awarded this $10,0000 grant to the Cape Girardeau Adult Education & Literacy Program. This award was part of Dollar General’s $10.5 million commitment to support adult literacy programs this summer.

“These additional funds will help purchase the needed technology to help adult students in rural areas to improve their digital literacy skills and improve English as a second language.”

Pamela Riehn, coordinator for the Cape Girardeau Program

The program helps Missouri adults throughout the Southwestern part of the state. And is intended to help adults who are struggling with literacy.

Some of the Programs being offered:

  • Adult basic education
  • Adult secondary education
  • English language acquisition

Some Things to Know about Literacy

Adult literacy is important and impacts many social issues like poverty, healthcare, and employment. When adults are literate, they can help their children with reading, writing, and math skills. And as it stands, around 43 million Americans cannot read, write, or do the math above a third-grade reading level. This is incredibly troubling. Programs like the one in Missouri can work to help to lower these numbers in a meaningful way.

Adults who struggle with these skills are more likely to struggle with unemployment. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Helping communities improve their lives in SouthWest Missouri is the goal for the Dollar General Foundation.

“For nearly 30 years, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation has been proud to invest in literacy and education programs in our hometown communities.” Torr continued: “The recent and significant shifts in the educational landscape have made the Foundation’s mission more critically important. As we work to create access to high-quality instruction for all individuals, we share our gratitude for the educators who are working to uplift and empower others. We hope these funds will have a meaningful impact on students and teachers across the country and look forward to seeing the positive impact they have on learners.”

Denine Torr, Executive Director of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation

GrantWatch Understands How Importance Literacy Programs Are

Programs receiving these grants are important. They improve the overall literacy of adults in their area and change entire communities for the better. Providing these basic skills to people can ensure that people learn skills to earn a living. They can ensure that more people are able to help their children with homework. And be able to maintain basic accounting. Programs like this receiving funds help people, families, and communities flourish.

Discover grants for literacy and libraries on grant listing databases such as For more information, you can also visit the GrantWatch FAQ page. We wish you the best of luck with your grant-seeking!

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