Cash Awards for Recognition of Excellence in 2021

It may be nearing the end of the year, but that’s not slowing down the number of awards currently available. More than 250 cash awards are available to individuals, businesses, and nonprofits in recognition of their work. Is there an organization that has made a difference within the community this year? Maybe you know someone who deserves to be nominated, or maybe you’ll nominate yourself!

Can You Nominate Anyone Worthy of These Awards?

  • $10,000 awards to search and rescue teams in honor of the important services they provide. 
  • $2,000 awards to professional psychologists to recognize their contributions to the field of mental health. 
  • There are also $1,000 awards to early childhood teachers to recognize excellence in early education and care. 
  • Awards to school staff to recognize outstanding efforts to positively impact the lives of students
  • Additionally, there is a $1,000 award to a library organization in recognition of improved services to people with disabilities.
  • $1,250 awards to an individual for extraordinary contributions to adult services at libraries
  • Awards to individuals working at a nonprofit organization for their contributions to the field of marketing.
  • Awards up to $250,000 to individuals for noteworthy contributions to the field of animal conservation. 
  • $4,000 awards to both institutions and individuals for projects that combine digital technology and history.
  • Awards to curators for thematic contemporary art exhibitions in a nonprofit exhibition space. 
  • $12,500 awards to journalists for notable subjects of public interest that have not been widely reported.
  • $25,000 awards are open to medical school faculty members to acknowledge efforts to achieve justice and equality for minorities in the fields of healthcare and medical education.
  • $100,000 awards are available to both individuals and organizations, for outstanding contributions to fighting corruption and supporting human rights. 
  • In addition, there are $1,000 awards to individuals recognizing their outstanding science writing on online newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and websites. 

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Recognizing Efforts

Did you know that awards are available throughout the year to recognize the impact of individuals within the community and the people they serve? Awards are just one of the ways foundations recognize the efforts made through nonprofit leadership, small business management, teacher excellence, and student achievement. 

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