Celebrate National Ohio Day with These Five Grants

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series recognizing each of the 50 states by providing state specific grants for each. These articles follow the National Day Calendar Year. The calendar began celebrating each state in the order they entered the union in 2017 starting the week of Independence Day. Ohio was the 17th state to join the union and is celebrated on Nov. 2.

So, in honor of National Ohio Day, GrantWatch is sharing some of its favorite grants below that are specifically for the state.

Ohio is home to many attractions, but Lake Erie is what comes to most people’s minds when they think of the state. As one of the Midwest’s hottest vacation spots, Lake Erie is the fourth-largest lake of the five Great Lakes in North America and the eleventh-largest globally. The lake stretches across several states, but Ohio has the longest coastline. It is also home to some of the best beaches the lake has to offer.

The state is also one of the top producers of corn in the United States. The corn Ohio produces supports its ethanol industry, which produces 523 million gallons of ethanol. Ohio’s nickname is the Buckeye State because of the buckeye trees commonly found throughout the River Valley. Buckeyes are also the mascot of Ohio State University. The college football team has has won a total of eight national championships while in the NCAA.

In addition to these interesting facts about the state, here are a few others you might not know about Ohio.

10 Facts about the Buckeye State

  1. Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball team.
  2. The first hot dog originated from the state in 1900.
  3. It has one of the largest Amish populations in the nation.
  4. In addition, the state holds the record for the world’s largest basket.
  5. By state law, officers cannot arrest people on a Sunday or on the Fourth of July.
  6. It is the birthplace of seven United States presidents.
  7. Akron was the first city to use police cars.
  8. Neil Armstrong was also from Ohio.
  9. The state bird is a cardinal.
  10. “Hang On Sloopy” is the official state rock song

Five Ohio-Specific Grants to Check Out

  1. Firstly, there are grants of up to $30,000 to Ohio nonprofit organizations, government agencies, conservancy districts, school systems, IHEs, and coast guard associations for boating safety outreach. The purpose of this program is to reduce boating mishaps, accidents, and fatalities through boater education.
  2. There are also grants to Ohio nonprofit organizations and government agencies for law-related activities that enhance public understanding of law.
  3. In addition, there are grants of $10,000 to Ohio new businesses that have experienced financial hardship due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The purpose of the program is to stabilize small businesses and enable their survival. Funding may be for mortgage and rent payments, businesses supplies and equipment, employee-related expenses, and utility payments.
  4. Grants of $60,000 to Ohio nonprofit, for-profit, and faith-based organizations, IHEs, agencies, Tribal entities, and individuals for initiatives that support the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community.
  5. Finally, there is funding to Ohio individuals working in the food-service industry who have been affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis. Grants may go to housing expenses, including mortgage or rent; living expenses, such as transportation and groceries; and medical expenses.

GrantNews Notes

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