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Something essential to owning and operating a business is knowing what your customers need and want. Ensuring that your customers are happy and satisfied with the services your company provides is essential to your success. This is why the methods that you use to obtain that information are critical as well. That can mean using forms on your website, instituting polls and surveys, or sending out questionnaires.

National Get to Know Your Customers Day

Every year on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October, is National Get To Know Your Customers Day. This day specifically recognizes the importance of getting to know what your customers want. It’s also an opportunity to recognize the day by sending some communication to your customers about it. Post on social media, send an email or use it in your advertising to ask your customer what they would like to see more of from your nonprofit, small business, or organization. It’s really a quarterly reminder of how your customers/audience are the reason you are even where you are.

Every single piece of research points to the idea that a business’s success is directly linked to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. While consumers have several options to choose from, your business or organization must stand out in an impactful way. For example, you could create products that have special features or ensure that your organization is environmentally friendly. Make sure you know your customers’ values and that you are doing the work to cater to those values.

Digital Feedback from Customers

Because of this, GrantWatch thought National Get To Know Your Customers Day would be the perfect time to ask our subscribers what they would like to hear more about. Is there a certain kind of content you would like to see more of on GrantNews? More news stories or more lists? Is there a story about your own nonprofit that you would like us to cover?

GrantNews, the premier blog for nonprofit and business leaders, is also looking for new writers who currently work for nonprofits or small businesses. If you are interested in submitting an article about your organization or about a current topic in news today, feel free to reach out by email to or leave a comment below. The blog is also looking for writers who can provide social media, crowdfunding, or fundraising “How-To” articles for nonprofit and small-business executives.

Overall, in our current digital world, consistent customer feedback can be critical. And not engaging with your customer can have consequences. Reputation management is a critical aspect. Remember to utilize social media, forms on your website, and other tools to ask the right questions.

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