Denver Animal Protection Gets Grant To Keep Pets And People Together

To all of our lovely readers: we’re back to this again. I saw this story, and I had to tell you all about it. Getting to write about puppies or anything dog-related brings me infinite joy. Early on, writing for our blog, I got to write about puppy yoga, which is obviously amazing. A month ago, I got to talk about a 500K grant that was going to allow for an animal shelter in Roanoke to be able to continue to do its incredible community work. And there are so many more stories every day, in which people are doing work to help animals. Dogs are amazing, cats are super brilliant, and animals are just plain awesome. That’s why I need to tell you about this story about a grant that will allow pet owners in Denver to be able to stay with their pets. This grant was awarded to the Denver Animal Protection by Maddie’s Fund, a foundation that seeks to change the way pets are being taken care of.

Before we start this story, here’s a grant for USA nonprofits that will allow them to increase the rate of adoption of dogs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s Talk About Dogs (and Other Pets)

So I know you might be thinking, why is this story important? Dogs are amazing obviously but why is a grant like this really so important right now? Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, with the stress of the pandemic on so many, mental health has suffered. More people are suffering from the impacts of fear, financial worries, and other factors. And pets have a major impact on the mental health (and even physical health) of their owners.

In fact, according to studies, pets have an impact on several aspects of mental health including loneliness and depression. There have been thoughts that having a pet can improve your cardiovascular health as well. This means that during a time of extremely high stress, keeping pets and their owners together is even more critical.

Here’s What This Grant Will Actually Do

This $50,000 grant from Maddie’s Fund will enable the Denver Animal Protection to launch a pilot program. This program will utilize Human Animal Support Services which is a new animal welfare organization model. According to their website, the primary goal of this organization is to keep people and pets together. They do this by working with local animal welfare organizations as well as community members. These groups and community members will form partnerships that support these critical bonds.

The reason that this is even more important is that it is often financial worries that force pet owners to give up their pets. And during this pandemic, this is especially meaningful.

Alice Nightengale, Director of Denver Animal Protection, a division of Denver Public Health & Environment spoke on this grant award. “Thanks to Maddie’s Fund, this grant will allow us to broaden the safety net for Denver residents and their pets. Keeping pets with their families is incredibly important to us and we are thankful for the opportunity to expand our efforts through the HASS pilot program,”

GrantWatch Understands How Important Programs Like This Are

While we all wish programs like this weren’t necessary, it’s very important that they were able to receive this grant. As we move to try and get through this pandemic, it’s important to keep people and pets together. There’s so many people who are struggling and so many organizations working even more diligently to try and help. At GrantWatch we do have a category that interested subscribers could look at. We have a pets-grant category with grants that subscribers can look to.

If you have any questions about these grant categories or anything else, reach out to our team! Our customer support-staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can reach them by calling 561-249-4129!

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