8 Grants to Get Kids Outside for Youth Sports

Spring is here, with summer on it’s heels. That means it’s time for youth all across America to step up to home plate in youth baseball and softball leagues. Or strap on shin guards for soccer. Or start swinging their tennis racquets. Getting children and youth outdoors in fine weather is the goal of many parents at this this time of year. It’s also what many kids want for themselves! After all, it’s been a year of on-and-off lockdowns. So we’re all ready to return to normalcy with youth sports and recreation. That’s why nonprofits and federal and state programs offer grant-funding opportunities to create more programs to serve youth in greater numbers.

There are grants open right now for specific recreational sports. Then, others aim to support individuals in their athletic pursuits. And some grants look to turn barren spaces into areas for youth sports and recreation.

No one could argue that youth sports doesn’t provide a host of physical and mental health benefits. That’s why the federal government started the National Youth Sports Strategy (NYSS) program. And this is the first-ever federal program with direct strategies to have more youth engage in sports. It aims to raise awareness of the benefits of youth sports engagement and recruit volunteers. Also, this grant focuses on tracking and evaluating youth sports participation.

Youth Sports and Recreation Grows Community

Youth recreation and sports often bring families and communities together for games and other activities. And the social benefits for youth can’t be ignored either, especially as we emerge from this pandemic. NYSS notes:

“Sports participation also provides youth with the opportunity to develop social and interpersonal skills, such as teamwork, leadership, and relationship building, and enables youth to benefit from the communal aspect of team sports.”

National Youth Sports Strategy

So, here’s 8 youth sports and recreation grants to get more kids outside and participating!

3 Grants for Individuals Playing Sports

1. Low-income families In the U.S. can apply for up to $150 for children ages 4-18 to participate in sports programs. For this grant, the goal is to encourage low-income youth to participate in multiple sports. This will help them develop well-rounded skills and get them in better physical shape. Plus, it offers diverse social connections for youth. And families may receive funding four times each year per child.

2. There’s also grants of up to $300 for families of active or injured military service members and veterans to provide youth sports, recreation and camp opportunities. Eligible youth range from ages five through high school graduation. And there is no deadline to apply.

3. And there’s this grant for top track-and-field athletes in the U.S. Here, the goal is to support ranking athletes with a college degree who are working toward reaching elite worldwide competitions, like the World Championships or the Olympic Games.

3 Grants to Create or Grow Youth Sports and Recreation

1. Grants of up to $10,000 are offered to qualifying sports organizations. So, for this grant, funding is intended to support growth or other financial needs of club teams, high school teams/athletic programs, college teams/athletic programs, community athletic centers/fields, and/or nonprofit athletic programs. And what’s great about this grant is that applicants from all categories of sports are eligible to apply!

2. New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio nonprofits may apply for grants up to $10,000 or grants up to $75,000 to turn vacant lots into recreation areas in eligible cities. Here, funding may be used for the planning stage of the project or for capital expenses while implementing projects. Eligible projects are those located in Newark, NJ, Flint, MI, Milwaukee, WI and Cincinnati, OH.

3. Are you a nonprofit or public agency in Colorado? There’s a funding opportunity for the design and construction of public spaces in high-need areas that create access and encourage physical activity for individuals of all ages and abilities, especially for families with children ages 4-14.

2 Grants for Youth Participation in Specific Sports

1. Batter up! Grants to increase access and participation in softball and baseball for youth are available. So, funding will support capital projects, educational activities, and programs for children and youth from elementary through high school. And this ongoing grant program gives preference to proposals that open opportunities for minority youth, girls, or those located in underserved communities.

2. Finally, youth football programs may apply for $20,000 for capital improvements to recreational facilities. Funding is intended to reduce the expense of lighting systems in football facilities and to support a safer and more enjoyable experience for players. Also, public schools, towns and cities, nonprofits, and tribal nations across the U.S. may apply on an ongoing basis.

GrantWatch Supports Programs to Improve the Lives of Young People

Sports is just one area that gives youth the chance to better their lives through physical, social and healthy competitive recreation. So we also list grants aimed specifically at youth across the board:

So, for more information on these grants just call our customer support team at (561) 249-4129 or contact us online. Also, a GrantWatch subscription unlocks special features, like a keyword search for very specific grant categories. So ask a team member about a subscription today.

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