A Whimsical Park in New York

After a four-year legal battle between media tycoon Barry Diller and a billionaire real estate developer, a new park opened on the Hudson River. This whimsical 2.4-acre park appears to be floating on pilings off the Manhattan waterfront.

It is the newest island that makes up New York City which consists of; Long Island, Staten Island, Manhattan Island, Randalls Island, Wards Island, Roosevelt Island, Governors Island, and of course Liberty Island, which is home to the Statue of Liberty. There are dozens of smaller islands that make up the newest park, simply named Little Island. Improving parks and recreation facilities are vital to the public health of a community. And the financial health for a city where tourism is a source of revenue. GrantWatch is happy to say that there are many grants to improve parks and recreation.

Little Park, nicknamed Diller Park, was mostly funded by THE DILLER-VON FURSTENBERG FAMILY FOUNDATION

The Foundation’s Mission Statement Includes Improving Parks

“… a private family foundation which provides philanthropic support to various 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.  Their goal is to fund and support organizations that aim to strengthen communities.”

This week, “Little Park” opened to the public. Largely funded by former CEO of 20th Century Fox; Barry Diller and his wife, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. This park is their gift to the city. It is meant to be a public oasis of flowers, trees and enchantment.

The Hudson River Park Trust also partnered with Diller in this $260 million project.

Reachable by two bridges, the entire island appears to float on a series of concrete tulip shaped pedestals, that support the dreamlike landscaped park. It has a 687-seat amphitheater that will have free and paid concerts.  Reservations are required with free timed entry.

With Improving Parks Come Improving Freedoms

Media reports that pandemic weary New Yorkers are flocking to this re-imagined public space.  We can finally go out in public without a mask. But it’s been a long and painful journey to get to this point. After years of planning and construction, this wonderful space has opened just at the right time.

Diller Park’s Ancestor

The green space is joyfully landscaped and so unique that it reminds me of my visit to the wonderful Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain designed by Antoni Gaudi between 1900-1914. Park Guell has become so popular they now have an admission charge.

I went there years ago, via the Metro Green Line, from my hotel on the tree-lined Las Ramblas Street and exiting at the station near the main entrance. The park is magical and includes a main square, and a long and colorful serpentine bench, which is one the great 20th century works of art. Many visitors believe that Walt Disney took his inspiration for Disneyland from Park Guell.

New and updated health guidelines from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), explain that the fully vaccinated no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance. The time may have arrived when we can consider getting back to normal by taking a domestic family trip to one of our country’s great outdoor spaces.

GrantWatch Is Excited That Diller Park is a New York Thriller

Hearing the news about the impact of a park like this is so fantastic. And the timing couldn’t be better now that we can go outside with fewer if any restrictions. Over at GrantWatch we have a grant category with over 600 grants for sports and recreation nationwide.

If you have any questions about either of these grant categories, feel free to reach out! Visit the GrantWatch FAQs page to learn more about how to find grants in your area.

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