Discover the Top 21 Features of GrantWatch: A Team Effort

Creating this comprehensive video to highlight the Top 21 Features of GrantWatch was a collaborative effort by our dedicated staff. We aimed to provide a detailed look at the powerful tools and resources available to our users, ensuring that everyone can make the most out of our platform. You might even recognize the familiar voices of our customer success team throughout the video! Now, let’s dive into the incredible top 21 features that GrantWatch offers.

1. Extensive Grant Database

Unlock endless grant opportunities with GrantWatch. We’re the number one grant source with close to 9000 active grants and 30,000 in our database. Updated daily, covering 60 categories and including national, international, and Canadian grants for nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals.

2. Complete Grant Descriptions and PDF Saves

GrantWatch’s exclusive grant detail pages provide everything you need: requirements, eligibility, application steps, funder contacts, and deadlines. Easily save all this information as a PDF for convenience.

3. Easy Eligibility and Direct RFP Links

Understanding eligibility is key. GrantWatch simplifies this by highlighting crucial factors and providing direct links to RFPs for easy access.

4. Live Customer Support

Navigating GrantWatch is a breeze with our live customer support. No automated responses—just real solutions from our team. Contact us via phone, email, or chat during business hours.

5. Weekly Grant Updates

Stay ahead with GrantWatch’s weekly newsletter. Receive updates on new grants straight to your inbox, featuring the latest 15 grants in your area.

6. Personalized Grant Alerts

Create and customize alerts with My Grant Alerts from GrantWatch. Get email notifications on grant updates, keeping you informed and connected effortlessly.

7. Affordable Pricing for All

GrantWatch offers affordable pricing for everyone. Choose weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans and access all features without breaking the bank.

8. Multi-User and Library Licenses

GrantWatch offers multi-user and library licenses with custom pricing, perfect for organizations with multiple users searching grants simultaneously. Each user gets a unique username and password.

9. Track Your Grant View History

With My Grant Views by GrantWatch, easily keep track of all the grants you’ve explored. Quickly locate and refer back to them, accessing details like GrantWatch ID numbers, deadlines, and view times.

10. Hide Ineligible Grants

Say goodbye to clutter with GrantWatch’s Hide Grants feature. Click the eye icon to hide irrelevant grants and focus on the opportunities most relevant to your organization.

11. Personalized Grant Calendar

Keep your grant applications on track with My Grant Calendar from GrantWatch. Schedule your future grant applications and stay on top of deadlines and opportunities.

12. Boolean Keyword Search

Fine-tune your search with GrantWatch’s Boolean keyword search. Use operators like AND, OR, and NOT to find precise grant results and eliminate unwanted results.

13. Smart Advanced Grant Search

Maximize your search efficiency with the Smart Advanced Search filter by GrantWatch. Tailor your search by recipient, location, category, and type of funding source.

14. Save Your Smart Grant Filters

Streamline your grant search with Save My Grant Search Filters from GrantWatch. Store your previous searches and revisit them anytime, eliminating repetitive work.

15. Foundation Search and IRS 990 Reports

Dive deep into grant data with the Foundation Search and IRS 990 Report Finder by GrantWatch. Access vital financial data and uncover trends to shape your grant strategy.

16. Grant Recipient Profiles, Reverse Search

Identify grant recipients and their funders similar to you with GrantWatch’s Recipient Profiles, Reverse Search. Make informed decisions and forge impactful partnerships.

17. Save Foundations and Recipient Searches

Effortlessly preserve your search preferences with Save Foundations and Recipient Search by GrantWatch. Save your filters for all parameters and revisit them anytime.

18. Grant News Newsletter

Stay ahead with GrantWatch’s Grant News. Receive the latest grant articles and trends weekly, plus a curated list of grants tailored to your preferences.

19. Grant Resources and Tutorial Videos

Unlock valuable tools with GrantWatch’s Grant Resources page. Access glossaries, sample documents, and nonprofit support associations. Watch step-by-step tutorial videos to enhance your grant-seeking journey.

20. Celebrate with a Grant Talk Latte Mug

Celebrate your success with GrantWatch. As a Member Plus subscriber, win a grant and receive a 17-ounce latte mug. Be our guest on the Grant Talk podcast and share your journey.

21. Join Thousands of Satisfied Users

GrantWatch is backed by thousands of satisfied users. Share your success story with a testimonial and your company’s logo. Learn to write winning grant proposals with the Queen of Grants, from teacher to grant writer to CEO.

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Libby Hikind

Libby Hikind is the founder and CEO of and the author of "The Queen of Grants: From Teacher to Grant Writer to CEO". Libby Hikind, began her grant writing career while working as a teacher in the New York City Department of Education. She wrote many grants for her classroom before raising millions for a Brooklyn school district. Throughout her professional career, she established her own grant writing agency in Staten Island with a fax newsletter for her clients of available grants. After retiring from teaching, Libby embraced the new technology and started GrantWatch. She then moved GrantWatch and her grant writing agency to Florida to enjoy her parents later years, and the rest is history. Today more than 230,000 people visit online, monthly.

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