Spotlight State: New Mexico

As part of our spotlight series, GrantWatch reflects on what stands out about the State of New Mexico. If you’ve ever been there, you can’t help but admire the strong adobe, southwestern influence throughout much of the State of New Mexico. Adobe actually means ‘mud-brick’ in Spanish, and this construction style is especially well-suited for the dry and harsh climate of the state. Also, while there are no promises that you’ll see an actual UFO (unidentified flying object), there are over 1,000 formal reports of UFO sightings in New Mexico EVERY YEAR! After all New Mexico is home to the infamous Area 51 and the town of Roswell.

Well, GrantWatch wants you to know there is nothing ‘alien’ about the dozens of grants available to help improve and strengthen the state and its people. As a result, database provides a list of just some of the many grant opportunities to fund projects and programs throughout the enchanting State of New Mexico. In addition, GrantWatch offers a list of nearly 1,700 grants in its Community and Economic Development grants listing category. Beyond that, there are also national and international grant listings from which to choose.

Some Interesting Facts About the State of New Mexico

  • New Mexico is affectionately known as The Land of Enchantment.
  • The a large Indian heritage reservation in the U.S. is located in New Mexico and spans around 27,000 square miles.
  • A black bear cub from New Mexico was found by firefighters from Taos Pueblo in 1950. He was christened Smokey the Bear, after the iconic character known for spreading forest fire education. He’s been the mascot ever since.
  • The constitution of New Mexico was written in both English and Spanish. 26% of households in New Mexico speak Spanish as their primary language.
  • The largest balloon event in the world is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Albuquerque holds the title of the “Ballooning Capital of the World.”

Then There’s Some ‘Fun Facts’ About New Mexico

  • Demi Moore is an actress from Roswell, New Mexico.
  • Doc Holliday, a notorious gunslinger, owned a saloon in New Mexico.
  • Roswell, a town in New Mexico, is known for its unique space alien theme.
  • The creation of Polaroid or instant photos was inspired by an event in New Mexico.
  • Jeff Bezos, the founder of, was born in Albuquerque on January 12, 1964.
  • The Capulin Volcano National Monument stands tall and offers views of five different states on a clear day.

Now For Some ‘Really Fun Facts’ About New Mexico!

  • The world’s largest flat enchilada title belongs to Las Cruces.
  • A world record for the largest Navajo taco ever made is held by the state.
  • It is said that Maria Teresa Restaurant is haunted by a ghost that plays the piano.
  • Sandia National Laboratories used CT Technology to recreate authentic dinosaur sounds.
  • The owner of the house used in “Breaking Bad” installed a 6 foot fence to deter visitors from throwing pizza on the roof, a reference to a scene in the show which is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • New Mexico produces a greater amount of chili peppers than any other state. Hatch, New Mexico claims the title of the “Green Chile capital of the world.”, “51 Fun Facts About New Mexico”

Below is a current list of grants and other community development funding opportunities available for the State of New Mexico.

New Mexico Community and Economic Development Grants and In-kind Donations

  1. Grants to eligible New Mexico nonprofits, schools, and government agencies for programs and projects to benefit residents. Funding is for leadership and capacity building, workforce development and education, and economic opportunity.
  2. There are grants and in-kind donations to New Mexico nonprofits to benefit local communities. Donation types include products, gift cards, cash, and sponsorships.
  3. In addition, grants to New Mexico nonprofits, government agencies, Pueblos, Nations, schools, IHEs, conservation districts, and land grant associations for outdoor recreation projects. Funding is for local and regional projects that enhance recreational opportunities and contribute to economic development, quality of life, and tourism. Grants will fund ‘shovel-ready’ projects that increase access to the outdoors for all New Mexicans.
  4. Grants to eligible New Mexico nonprofits to address the needs of local community residents. Funding is for activities and programs for community development and human services. Funding is also for veteran and military support, education, cultural affairs and diversity, and health.
  5. There is a grant for up to $5,000 to a New Mexico nonprofit, school, or government agency to benefit a local community. Interested applicants will contact staff prior to applying. Funding supports projects in the areas of education, environment, economic development, and energy efficiency or renewable energy.
  6. Also, in-kind grants of trees to eligible New Mexico nonprofits, government entities, IHEs, and schools for environmental stewardship projects. The program is to benefit the environment by protecting wildlife habitats, beautifying neighborhoods, and supporting conservation activities. The Program provides native/indigenous species to local areas.

Additional New Mexico Community and Economic Development Grants

  1. Grants to eligible New Mexico nonprofits to support community benefit programs. Funding is for a wide range of community benefit initiatives, including education, health, environment, arts and culture and economic development.
  2. There are grants of up to $5,000 to eligible New Mexico Navajo Nation Chapters and nonprofits to benefit residents. Funding is for programs, projects, and organizations addressing communal issues and needs in the areas of training and education, elders, cultural preservation, health and wellness, economic development, and environmental protection/management. Projects will focus on benefiting the Chapter/Community members and not on individual needs or benefiting only a few.
  3. Also, grants to New Mexico nonprofits, Native American tribes, government agencies, and public schools for projects to meet the local community needs. Projects will address capacity building and economic development. Priority areas also include education, health care, local food industry development, arts, stewardship, environment, and rural development. The Foundation makes grants for general operating expenses.
  4. Grants to New Mexico small businesses, nonprofits, and individual entrepreneurs for financial support in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis. Funding helps launch new businesses and expand established companies. Also, the purpose of the grants are to promote economic growth and development and create new quality jobs. A secondary goal is to expand assistance throughout New Mexico as the need arises.
  5. Lastly, grants to agricultural professionals for agricultural sustainability training. Funding supports programs to educate these professionals to enable them to conduct training programs in agricultural sustainability systems and principles for other agricultural professionals and producers.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we hope you’ll have the chance to drop in and visit the State of New Mexico!

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