Discovery Museum Gets Environmental Education Grant

We cover quite a few grant opportunities at GrantNews that focus on improving the overall quality of life. The top categories include housing, increased community services, food and nutrition among others. A critical aspect of the conversation about enhancing the quality of life is protecting the environment. Talking about solutions on how to protect the environment is necessary. Having funding for projects that help maintain natural habitats and keep water and air clean is essential. Therefore, ensuring that we have people educated on the importance of environmental stewardship is equally crucial.

That’s why this story on the environment is enjoyable to discuss. The Discovery Museum, a family-centric STEM museum in Massachusetts, has received a grant from the Sheth Sangreal Foundation. This grant will go toward:

  • Supporting the museum’s sustainability plans 
  • Expanding environmental education and inclusion initiatives 

The goal is to help cultivate the next generation of environmental stewards who will help defend and protect the environment.

The Environment Is Important To Protect

The museum said that its goal is to “foster children’s natural ability to do incredible things and to support kids’ healthy development.”

According to their mission statement: “Our Mission: To spark delight in learning by igniting curiosity and creativity in children and adults, as they discover together the joys of science, nature, and play.”

The museum also hosts science workshops and speaker series as well as hosting field trips from schools.

Where Is The Funding Going?

As to where this $1 million grant is going, there are two answers to this.

1) Toward the museum’s sustainability plan

2) Toward environmental education and inclusion initiatives

Some of the goals of this sustainability plan include:
  • Reducing greenhouse emissions to net-zero through the use of solar power
  • Improving the efficiencies of the campus building
  • Offering carbon offsets to visitors
  • Reducing the museum’s environmental footprint by 50% by:
    • Reducing consumption
    • Waste generation
    • Water usage

Environmental Education and Inclusion Initiative

The museum will use this sustainability plan as an initiative by educating a more diverse group of visitors about the importance of these actions. The goal is to help develop environmental literacy and appreciation across the region. This will help build the next generation of effective environmental stewards.

Something that these initiatives will emphasize is bringing science- and nature-based exploration in addition to environmental education to kids who normally may not have have access. This could be for reasons like family culture, living environment or a disability. According to the museum, the goal is to broaden the diversity of its audience and increase low and free access by 50%.

GrantWatch Notes

We’re glad to hear about this story. Seeing the Discovery Museum focus on improving its own sustainability and help provide environmental education is great. It’s one of the reasons that grants for sustainability, education and the environment are all important, and a reason we’re glad to have a category for environmental-related grants at GrantWatch. To ensure that you are able to access all the resources GrantWatch provides, make sure to sign up for a paid subscription today.

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