Firefighters Need Grants too!

Emergency personnel, in any city, are an asset. However, there comes a time in the lives of emergency personnel, where a choice of a career change or retirement is imminent. In some cases, several members of a station or city team may decide, around the same time, to leave their position working in emergency services. These decisions may be best for the individuals; however, they can cause a shortage of emergency personnel for a specific city.

The Buffalo Fire Department, in the coming years, will be facing a problem as such. They will be saying goodbye to several their firefighters, who at this time, have decided to part ways with their careers in emergency services. Unfortunately, for the Buffalo Fire Department, they will be left with a shortage of firefighters. Luckily, they have been awarded a federal grant of 9.8 million dollars that will provide them with the means to replace these personnel.

The grant money will be used to replace these firefighters over the next few years, ensuring that a shortage of firefighters does not occur due to lack of funding. Jerry Zremski quoted the mayor of Buffalo, who said: “This will create some additional savings for us, which is extremely important”. The funding provided by this grant will allow the Buffalo Fire Department to remain fully staffed, bringing home the concept that emergency personnel in any city are an asset as well as helping them to continue keeping their city and their residents safe.

Grant funding is beneficial to all individuals who may be amid difficulty. Regardless of the situation, there are likely grants available. GrantWatch can help you take the next step in your search for grants. Like the Buffalo Fire Department, you could win a grant to help with your financial struggles.

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