Medical Debt Forgiveness

Everyone knows our healthcare system is broken, though there is much debate on what to do to even begin to fix it. So many people have faced outrageous bills after receiving routine medical care, and without insurance so many can be one hospital visit away from bankruptcy.

While there are so many terrible stories out there about how people are struggling and suffering because of the current situation, it’s always good to see a story that’s hopeful, where people are starting to see some relief. Here’s a story that shows a more compassionate side to this issue.

It was recently reported that several doctors in Upstate New York were partnering with a nonprofit called RIP Medical Debt to help residents of Jamestown, New York to get out from under the burden of crippling medical debt. 

RIP Medical Debt’s mission is to: empower donors to forgive billions in oppressive medical debt. We are dedicated to removing the burden of medical debt for individuals and families and veterans across America.

Two of these doctors, Dr. Ralph Walton of Jamestown and Dr. Marguerite Uphoff of Ithaca, are working together with other area doctors and RIP Medical Debt in order to donate over $170,000 to the organization. The overall effort of this initiative will, “eliminate more than $500,000 of medical debt at one percent of the original cost.”

This amount of medical debt forgiveness might seem like a drop in the bucket in the overall grand scheme of things, but it is a step forward in trying to eradicate crippling medical debt as a whole. The families affected by this debt would stand to benefit greatly from this program and the organization pushing forth the efforts. Individuals, families, and veterans alike would be the most greatly affected.

Grant programs can also make a huge impact when dire situations are reached whether it is in medical debt situations or any other assistance related issue. Medical care need can stem from natural disasters, veterans issues and a number of other situations that could get grant assistance and GrantWatch is a great resource to help find those resources necessary.