Five Grants that Focus on Improving Community Health

The pandemic amplified the needs of access to health care, and having enough health care facilities in an area. COVID-19 affected everyone, including people in more rural and remote areas. As a result, the circumstances of the pandemic caused lockdowns and increased unemployment, leading to weight gain and financial stress among other issues.

Issues like food insecurity, risk of homelessness and mental health became more pronounced. Nonprofits like food banks, community clinics and other organizations worked to pick up the slack. Grant funds can help fill the gaps when it comes to important initiatives, programs and outreach. They can help improve the health of communities by funding community gardens, nutrition initiatives and health-related programs.

We at GrantWatch understand the value in sharing these five medical and health grants.

Grants To Help With Community Health-Related Programs

1. This grant is for Alabama nonprofits and government agencies for community-health related programs. This grant is available to nonprofits and agencies in eligible counties. The focus of this funding is to improve community healthcare in Alabama.

2. These grants are available for nonprofits in Utah and Idaho to address community health needs. Healthcare agencies and and social service agencies must apply in partnership.

3. Here we have grants for Michigan nonprofits in eligible areas to address the needs of the local community. These grants of up to $25,000 are intended for programs and initiatives that address community health and human service needs.

4. These grants are available to Louisiana nonprofits, healthcare providers and schools to address hunger and food insecurity. These grants of up to $20,000 are intended to improve access to nutrition and food for people on Medicaid.

5. These grants are for Arizona nonprofits (in eligible areas) and agencies for community health and wellness projects. Grants of up to $50,000 per year are available for these projects that focus on community health and wellness.

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