Five Workforce-Related Grants Available in All 50 States

As the economy begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for skilled workers is more important than ever.

In an ever-changing world that is focused on technological evolution, the job market is constantly developing, leaving shortages that need to be filled.

GrantWatch offers several workforce-related grants focused on providing training and equipment to help companies broaden the skill sets of their employees.

5 Workforce Development Grants

1) Grants available to U.S. fire departments for training, technology and equipment purchases. These grants of up to $25,000 are intended to enhance the professional development of fire departments as well as purchase equipment that keeps the health of safety of the department in mind.

2) Grants available for U.S. qualifying agencies, nonprofits, and healthcare providers, for training programs that promote health among the healthcare workforce. The funding provided is intended to assist programs that teach funding source grantees how to improve infrastructure and capacity.

3) Grants available for U.S. early literacy professionals to be able to attend conferences. These grants of up to $200 are available to U.S. educators for K-3rd grade for professional development in the area of early literacy. These funds are intended to help with the costs of attending reading confrences.

4) There are also grants available for women journalists for career advancement in the area of news reporting. Funding is intended for projects and career development opportunities including:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Security training
  • Media development
  • Technical skills-building training

5) And finally there are grants available for nonprofits for professional training and education projects for those working with older adults. These grants for nonprofit organizations for professional training and education projects significantly focus on staff and personnel working with senior citizens.

More on GrantWatch

Discover more workforce development grants on For more information, visit the GrantWatch FAQ page. We wish you the best of luck with your grant-seeking.

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