Grant Awarded for Ohio Students to Study STEM

In terms of both education and career, STEM fields, (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are growing fast. And in many cases, there are more STEM jobs than qualified applicants. While certain states have reputations for their STEM industries, many states are starting to invest more into these fields. And with COVID-19 ushering in an increased comfort level with remote work, there’s more opportunities for remote STEM jobs.

In fact, initiatives were launched to entice more workers to cities outside New York and San Francisco. For instance, Tulsa Oklahoma offered incentives for workers who wanted to move, offering free co-working memberships and other benefits. And now, the state of Ohio has awarded an $870,000 grant to Tiffin University for a special scholarship for Ohio students who choose to study in the STEM fields at TU.

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STEM Jobs and Keeping Students Working in the State

As remote work continues to grow and states invest more into their students, the job market continues to see shifts. And this can mean that students will not have to move thousands of miles away to work in their fields of study. This also means that we could see increased growth in local economies. And this shift towards more STEM opportunities and jobs means more high-paying jobs for local residents. This is especially important in a state like Ohio that used to rely on manufacturing and other industries that are now outsourced. The prospect of these new industries is something the state and others like it have been trying to build upon.

This program will actually allow Tiffin University to both extend this financial aid to students and to expand STEM subjects overall within the university.

Some of the fields of study that students may be pursuing include:

  • computer science, science
  • math education
  • chemistry
  • health care administration/management
  • athletic training
  • substance abuse/addiction counseling
  • registered nursing
  • logistics/supply-chain management

Peter Holbrook, TU’s provost, and the chief academic officer spoke on this grant award: “This program will cultivate a workforce that aligns workers’ skills with the jobs of the future. [And] the COF grant will significantly benefit Ohio businesses through the training and graduating of a talented, STEM-based, job-ready pool of workers.”

How This Will All Work

Students who are interested in this grant will not even have to fill out an application. While students will be chosen based on a combination of factors, including major and degree choice, high-achieving as well as high-need students will receive more funds. Obviously, one of the goals here is to ensure that students who are high-achieving and/or come from disadvantaged backgrounds can receive help.

According to the University’s reporting, many students apply for need-based aid. About 86.2% apply for aid, with about 78% of students receiving some form of aid. However, only about 14.7% of students had their financial needs fully met. That’s why this is so exciting!

GrantWatch Knows Investing in Students Is Important

Personally I love hearing about programs like this. It’s important to invest in your students’ and your local citizens’ success. Hearing about students studying subjects that will prepare them for the careers of the present and future is fantastic. And we have some grant categories on GrantWatch that will help, too. We have an entire category for technology-related grants, and also one for science grants.

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