GrantWatch Free Trial

Does GrantWatch offer a free trial? There are several different options you can utilize to decide if GrantWatch is right for you. Below, we’ve included the current ways to access these options.

1) How Can You See the Grants Available?

Before subscribing, it’s ideal to see how many grants are available that match your interests. Without paying a penny, you can use the Basic Search Filter and adjust your search based on your recipient type, location, and grant interests. Learn how to do this with this DEMO VIDEO.

  • While you are unable to view the full grant details, the search results will be able to give you a good indication of how many grants are currently available that match your interests.

2) How Do You Know What’s Included in the Full Grant?

GrantWatch offers the Archives as a free trial, with no credit card required. This gives you a risk-free way to review expired grants and become familiar with how GrantWatch posts grants in full detail. Watch this tutorial video to understand the layout including eligibility requirements and RFP links.

  • While you are unable to view grant details of current grants, you have unlimited access to view the full details of archived grants.

3) Is Discount Pricing Available?

All pricing is the same regardless of your organization or status. GrantWatch believes in equality pricing for all regardless of if you are a nonprofit, municipality, school, small business, or an individual! Unlike their competitors, GrantWatch won’t charge hundreds of dollars a month. Instead, their affordable plan options range from $18.00 – $199.00 to suit all budget types. The four different plan tiers all offer the same benefits but differ based on the length of your subscription, cancel anytime.

  • If you’re unsure if GrantWatch is right for you, we recommend purchasing their lowest subscription package at just US $18 for 7 days. Just make sure you turn off the Auto-Renew option if you do not wish for it to renew after this period.

About GrantWatch is a grant listing directory and displays the current grants available. You can locate grants for free on your own, but for people who are short on time, staff, or don’t know where to start – they can use this service to make it easier to find grants.

Predominantly, over 70% of their website lists grants from foundations and corporate funders. The remaining 30% approximately are grants from federal, state, and local governments. While there is no fee to apply for grants themselves, there is a fee to use their service. Discover more commonly asked questions on the GrantWatch FAQ page.

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