Get the Most Out of Your GrantWatch Subscription

GrantWatch is a database of currently available grants. Our team of grant researchers works tirelessly to find grants for nonprofits, businesses and individuals in North America and Israel. If there is a grant being offered, our researchers will find it and list it, and all grants are checked to ensure that they are legitimate before posting on our website. The goal is to list all available grants in one comprehensive index, making GrantWatch the No. 1 search engine for grant funding.

Grants are listed in over 50 categories and are further sorted by geographical location. The grant details are listed in simple language, making it easy to understand. GrantWatch charges a nominal subscription fee for the use of their service. The fee depends on how long you would like to use the database. You can choose unlimited access for a week, a month, three months or one year.

We also provide professional guidance and expertise to help our members/customers/subscribers on ways to improve their chances through effective communication in the process.

Why Subscribe to GrantWatch?

Each day, millions of dollars in grant funding are awarded daily to grant seekers. Our database has over 20,000 archived grants. For as little as $18 per week, you get unlimited, 24/7 access to information about free money. Ninety-eight percent of the funding found on GrantWatch are grants. That means that you do not need to repay the funder. It is a gift.

Grants are available to individuals such as: researchers, scientists, post-graduate students, IHE staff, teachers, educators, writers, filmmakers, artists, healthcare professionals, and veterans. Grants are rarely available for general financial assistance. Instead, opt to look for financial aid opportunities.

Grants are mainly for programs, projects, services and activities that benefit the community, and are rarely available for general operating expenses or staff wages. If your business has been in operation for less than two years, locating grants you qualify for may be difficult.


  • GrantWatch offers the archives of expired grants as a free trial. Become familiar with the RFPs (grant application). It’s a lot more involved than filling out a simple questionnaire or a job application.
  • Before subscribing, watch the tutorial video to find the current grant opportunities available. You can filter grants according to your recipient type, location and grant interests.
  • There is no guarantee that a grant will be awarded to you. On average, 1 in 10 applications are approved for funding.
  • If you’re not prepared to do the application yourself, consider hiring a grant writer. Hiring a grant writer starts at $500.

Your chances of being awarded the grant increases if you are meticulous about following the funders’ instructions. This is true for first-time applicants or a previous awardee.


Be passionate when applying for a grant. The level of passion and heart that you bring can improve your chances. You need to do more than say what you do. You need to say why you matter now and why you will matter down the road. Companies who fund grants want to experience your commitment and devotion to the mission as well as the business sense in the application.

Consider using a grant writer on if you find the process overwhelming.

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