Grant To Combat Human Trafficking In Texas

One of the biggest scourges of our world is the evil of human trafficking. The horrific practice that has plagued too much of the world has been a topic of discussion both for the federal government and in several states. Task forces are set up, speeches are made and goals have been set to try and destroy operations of traffickers and provide support to survivors. Yet, there’s still so much more that needs to be done. This is why many states, like Texas, are trying to create programs that help spread awareness. It’s why grants like these and others offered on GrantWatch to help fund these programs are imperative, like the $600,000 annual grant recently awarded to the Fort Worth Independent School District (ISD) over the next three years.

Human Trafficking Awareness

Law enforcement and advocates working together to stop traffickers and help victims are critical. But awareness and education on nature and practices that go on can help with prevention as well. Training teachers and educators to recognize signs that someone is in danger – or could be – is necessary in addition to informing doctors and other healthcare professionals on signs to look out for and how to help victims. Breaking cycles is crucial with a potentially generational issue such trafficking.

According to Fort Worth ISD, this $600,000 annual grant will develop and implement programs to prevent human trafficking victimization. The three primary goals are:

  • To increase all teachers understanding of the complexities of human trafficking
  • To increase students’ understanding of protective factors
  • A focus on training qualified student support services staff to implement and replicate the project activities district-wide

This district is one of eight school districts nationwide for this three-year program. The age of the students who will participate in this program will begin as early as fourth or fifth grade. According to Fort Worth ISD, the district will partner with two nonprofits: Unbound North Texas and 3Strands Global Foundation.

GrantWatch Notes

These kinds of educational programs are important to ensure that teachers and support staff can recognize the signs of victimization. This is important especially considering the problem of human trafficking in Texas. Hopefully, this type of education will lead to a greater education on this issue.

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