Grand Rapids Community College + Partners Get Grant To Teach In-Demand Skills

One of the most critical things in today’s economy is ensuring that workers can keep up with the demands of the workplace. There are so many industries where, if skilled workers are not trained, there will be more jobs than workers. Ensuring that in-demand skills are taught at every level is imperative. This is an issue many states have to grapple with. If left unchecked, it could lead to high unemployment as well as more jobs than workers in skilled, well-paying industries. The U.S Department of Labor understands this, which is why they’ve awarded grants to try and fill these gaps. A $9.8 million USDOL grant will allow for Grand Rapids Community College + partners to train workers for this purpose.

Here’s how this will work: In-Demand Skills Will Be Taught To Students

The program will bring together a strong coalition to work with GRCC & West Michigan Works on this project. This critical coalition will include educators, employers, workforce development organizations, and community groups to come together. The coalition will work to help underserved populations to be able to gain in-demand manufacturing skills. This program’s goal is to fill increasing gaps in existing jobs in the field and prepare workers for the future of manufacturing in the state of Michigan. The program will offer enhanced support to these workers as they develop the skills.

This will allow for workers who previously were not earning enough to gain skills that lead to well-paying careers. This is important especially at a time where unemployment in Michigan has fluctuated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. At some point in 2020, the jobless rate had hit 9.7%, up significantly from the 4.1% it stood at pre-pandemic. That’s why workforce development programs like this are important.

GRCC President Bill Pink spoke on this grant award and the program, saying: “This grant is one in a series of funding opportunities helping GRCC and our partners get our region back to work — and in this case, the manufacturing community is the beneficiary. ” Pink continued: “The number of entities coming together on this project shows how cooperation and collaboration makes our region grow and thrive. West Michigan is strongest when all of its people have access to opportunities. We appreciate the Department of Labor’s support in our efforts.”

GrantWatch Understand How Important Workforce Development Is:

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