Grants That Can Help Fix Food Deserts By Funding Communities

One of the increasing issues in the United States and around the world is access to proper food. For both adults and children, the COVID-19 pandemic has made food insecurity an increasing concern. Many people were already struggling pre-pandemic. And many people are living in what’s called food deserts. A food desert is a location where it is difficult to buy high-quality, affordable and healthy food. This means millions of Americans may lack access to fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, and other nutritious food. However, there are organizations that are focused on trying to lessen these issues, which impact people and families of color in higher numbers than in other demographic groups.

Food Deserts Need To Be A Focus: People Need Help To Get Healthy

Food deserts lead to worse outcomes for children and overall high food-insecurity. Other issues may include major health concerns like obesity. One way that organizations can fund projects focused on alleviating related issues is by applying for grants. I’ve written previously on Food Insecurity and the importance of focusing on it. There are ways to help improve the overall environment in these locations. These come in the form of community gardens, local farms, and incentives to bring local produce to market.

GrantWatch Lists Grants That Help With Food Insecurity & Healthy Food Accessibility

We are happy to list grants that focus on helping to reduce the impact and improve situations for residents.

  1. Grants like this that encourage the competitiveness of locally grown specialty crops: This grant is made available to Colorado Groups & Associations
  2. And grants like for USA Nonprofits, School Districts, and IHEs: These grants can go towards community gardens and green projects.
  3. There’s also these grants for Indiana Food Councils: These funds will go towards strengthening food systems within the state.

These grants are all available for our subscribers to see on GrantWatch. If you have any questions about these grants or any others listed feel free to reach out to the incredible customer service team! We can be reached at 561-249-4129, and we’re happy to hear from our subscribers.

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