Saratoga Gets A Rental Assistance Grant To Help Residents Who Are Struggling

The pandemic has caused issues for everyone. On a financial level, people are especially struggling. Many who have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic are struggling to pay rent or mortgages. Rental assistance is very much needed. In addition, many have lost or are on the verge of losing their entire business.

Because of all of these factors, in many places residents may be at risk of homelessness. New York state has seen several lockdown periods, in particular. Many people were already struggling pre-pandemic. But now in Saratoga County a 6.8 million Federal grant is making it possible for the county to help residents who are struggling.

Much Needed Rental Assistance For Saratoga Residents Who Are Struggling

This funding is part of a $25 billion award from the December COVID-19 relief package passed by Congress. This specific grant was made available only to counties with over 200,000 people, Albany and Saratoga counties and will allow renters who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 to pay back rent. This is important because while there is currently an eviction moratorium, tenants would still be responsible for back-rent.

According to government officials, these grant funds will only go towards the people that need rental assistance the most. County Social Services Commissioner Tina Potter spoke on the award, saying: “It’s going to be working people who have been negatively impacted, not necessarily those on public assistance.”

New York’s Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance is currently setting up a system so residents can apply. County Treasurer Andrew Jarosh said that it would be six to eight weeks before people could apply. Federal regulations on these funds say that at least 65% of these funds need to be spent by September 30th.

Programs like this are essential. Ensuring that renters can stay in their homes and also catch up on back rent is critical. Rental assistance programs help people who have been severely impacted avoid long-term problems.

GrantWatch Lists Grants That Can Help With Housing Related Issues

We understand that so many people are struggling as a result of the pandemic. And we know that there are so many nonprofits and organizations that work to help people who are struggling.

Here are 3 grants that help with housing issues:

These Grants To Minnesota Nonprofits, Tribes, and Agencies: This grant is to provide housing services to those struggling with substance abuse or opioid issue.

And Grants to New Mexico Nonprofits and Agencies: These grants will go towards the development of multi-family affordable housing in eligible areas.

Finally, Grants to Public and Private Entities in South Carolina: This grant will both go towards the development of affordable housing units, and improve quality of life for low-moderate income residents.

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