Texas Tech Gets Grant For Solar Energy + Renewable Energy Grants

We’re having a national conversation about renewable energy research, which the United States already subsidizes. We’ve already discussed this when we spoke about how rural areas actually benefit from renewable energy sources. The reason for this is because rural areas that rely exclusively on electricity may experience disruptions. Renewable energy sources can allow people to stay up and running and to recover more quickly. They also can lead to a lower carbon footprint overall. Wind-based energy is one of these forms of renewable energy.

Comprehensive Research Can Benefit Our Overall Economy

This is why funding more renewable energy research is important. Texas Tech University‘s National Wind Institute has received a $2.6 million grant from the Department of Education. These funds will fund the research team working on the American Wake Experiment project. Research like this can help to further diversify the energy sector, as well as the economy.

“The research project is looking at wind turbine wakes and how one turbine can impact the inflow into another,” said John Schroeder, senior director of the NWI, a professor of atmospheric science in the College of Arts & Sciences and the principal investigator on the project. “Then, subsequent to that, it’s also looking at the collective wake off of wind farms and how one farm might affect another, adjacent wind farm.”

This renewable energy research is important to our understanding of how wind-based energy can operate.

Schroeder spoke on this as well: “The end goal here is, if we can better understand the wakes and we can start to enact proactive wind turbine controls to mitigate the wakes, then collectively we can produce more power from the wind farm. Schroeder said. “If we can produce more power, and we’re using the same equipment and financial investment, then we’ve just lowered the cost of energy. That’s the whole goal.”

All of this research will allow researchers to come up with ways to optimize the wind-based energy industry. Making renewable energy sources more competitive allows for cleaner energy sector overall.

GrantWatch Lists Renewable Energy Grants:

We list grants for renewable energy on our website and we want to share three with our GrantNews readers!

  1. Here are Grants for Illinois K-12 and Educational Institutions: To go towards the installation of Solar Energy System Installations.
  2. Grants to Vermont Nonprofits: Funds will go towards Conservation, Renewable Energy, and Water Quality
  3. There are Grants to North Dakota schools, nonprofits, and agencies: Funds will go towards education, upgrade and installation of energy-efficient devices, and use of alternative energy sources

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