Habitat For Humanity of Palm Beach Receives 320K Foundation Grant

Throughout the last year, accessible housing has become an even more prevalent issue. Ensuring that there is enough adequate housing available to those who need it can make a big difference for families. Organizations need to focus on providing under-served communities with access to affordable housing. Nonprofits that build these houses, like Habitat for Humanity, are even more important in times like this. And now, Habitat for Humanity’s Palm Beach location has received a $320,000 grant to expand specific services.

Here’s some background On This Accessible Housing Nonprofit Program

Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976, based on the idea of partnership housing. Partnership housing is the idea of those who need the home working alongside volunteers to build together. This is a project of providing accessible housing to those in need. Since then, the organization has expanded to all fifty states and opened up several programs. One such program, the Aging in Place Program, is the focus of this grant award for the Palm Beach location of Habitat for Humanity. This program allows older adults to make critically-needed adjustments to their homes to be safe and comfortable.

This program is so critical because every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65, and many struggle. According to AARP, 19 million Americans 65 and older live in houses in some level of disrepair. These houses are either in disrepair or inadequate for their needs (in terms of mobility or other issues), which can be expensive. Many of these seniors cannot afford the resources needed to make these repairs or adjustments.

Here’s What These Funds Will Be Going Towards:

These grant funds will be going towards specific purposes. This includes hiring two new staff for new positions at this location and increasing the number of seniors that HFHPBC serves under this program.

Here’s the process that the organization will conduct:

  • A home repair evaluation by a construction specialist from the local Habitat organization
  •  A functional survey, completed in coordination with a local human services professional. During this conversation, the homeowner discusses their activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and eating, as well as how they pay bills, clean their homes, communicate with others, run errands and manage any medications they take

Then, HFHPBC will work with seniors to figure out the exact repairs and adjustments needed. This can include widening hallways, installing grab bars, installing a ramp, or updating the flooring. Also, because HFHPBC partners with community organizations, staff will also help connect seniors to relevant social services focused on health, social isolation, transportation, or other issues.

Grantwatch Cares About Seniors:

Our GrantWatch team understands the need to have grants for seniors, especially for nonprofits looking to help seniors live better lives. That’s why we have an entire category for Seniors related grants on our website. We work hard to update our grants and have new grants updates weekly!

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