Happy International Grant Professionals Day!

On this International Grant Professionals Day, GrantWatch.com wants to take the time to thank all grant professionals for the amazing work they do. We are SO happy that you have chosen to be involved in the world of grants! We wish you luck in all of your goals for this year and all the years to come.

As one of the leading grant listing directories in the United States, GrantWatch works with grant professionals every day. We see the tremendous amount of effort they put into projects that can have a significant positive effect on communities in need. Grant professionals put their blood, sweat and tears into their work. It is only right they get the recognition they deserve.

Grant professionals can include grant writers, grant makers and funders, as well as nonprofits that use grants to fund important initiatives. Below, we’re highlighting some of the grant professionals that have made strides this past year!

Promo Offer to Celebrate Grant Professionals Day 2023!

This year, we’re also making a special offer to grant professionals to claim an additional free month through GrantWatch.com. So, how can you claim this offer? When you purchase an Annual Subscription, you will receive a bonus month at no cost. That’s 13 months for the price of 12! No promo code is needed. After completing your purchase of an annual subscription, please email Support@GrantWatch.com to have the bonus time credited to your MemberPlus+ account. This offer is valid until March 17, 2023.

We are so proud of all of you and want to be part of your continued success!

A Word From Some of Our Grant Professionals

Congratulations to professional grant writer, Keisha Hester! As a contracted grant writer for KD3 Enterprises LLC, she has won numerous grants using GrantWatch, including the First Stick Program grant from USA Lacrosse.

“I’m Karen Harvey and this is Betty Brainerd, the executive director of the Wade Center. We won a $10,000 grant for operating expenses from the William and Helen Thomas Charitable Trust which we found using GrantWatch. It came at a really critical time for us to be able to keep the doors open during COVID, change in administration, and completely re-doing the curriculum to include art, music, and field trips! We serve at-risk children in after-school and summer programs, and with the fully equipped virtual reality and computer labs, we can help our students keep pace with their more advantaged classmates. We receive copies of their report cards, and over 87% of our students have made the honor role in their schools!”

Anthony is the community leader of World Changes Nonprofit Organization in Seattle. An important piece of advice he wants to share with other grant seekers is, “make sure that your finances are in order and that you don’t try to create a program based upon the grant. Try to find a grant that fits your program.” 

A Day to Celebrate You!

Additionally, don’t forget to treat yourself on this special day for all the important work you are doing. Maybe take yourself out to eat at your favorite restaurant or get together with others in the grant world and share ideas. Whatever you end up doing, just remember your work matters! Also, be sure to let us know how you celebrate International Grant Professionals Day in the comments.

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