Is Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Not Getting Enough Views? These Ideas Could Help

Is your nonprofit having trouble gaining followers on its social media pages? Do your posts feel lackluster or in need of something to give it greater appeal? Maybe you just don’t know what you’re doing wrong. Creating the ideal social media platforms can be difficult for anyone, especially if you are not a ‘tech wizard’ yourself.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, do not worry. The art of social media may seem complex, but knowing the ‘science’ of social media can help you break it down in ways that will get results. In this article, we discuss some tips for perfecting your social media page that just might be what your nonprofit needs.

1. Create a Social Calendar

When trying to make sure your social media pages are as effective as possible, it all comes down to consistency. Followers need to know your regular pattern for posting so they can be on the lookout for new posts from your account. Followers want to trust that your page will always ‘be there’ for them. If they feel like you’re only going to post every day for a week and then go silent for a while, they’ll have little reason to choose to continue to follow your page.

This is where creating a calendar for your social media can be extremely helpful. Having a calendar to plan out your posts will give you a visual view of your plan for the upcoming weeks to ensure you have enough content to continue to consistently post on your page.

2. Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

This part of the social media formula ties in directly with the tip above. Once you have created your social calendar and know what posts are going up and when, scheduling posts ahead of time can help ease your future workload. Most sites allow you to schedule a post early, so it is only logical that you make use of this feature. This will allow you to schedule a post as soon as it has been edited and completed. That way, you won’t have to remember on what day to make the post and possibly risking to forget about it altogether if something comes up that day.

3. Add More Visuals

Visuals are a big part of any good social media page. If you find your social media not getting as many views as you’d hoped, take a closer look at your page. Do you have good visuals with nice colors that stand out and are aesthetically pleasing? Are you sharing images of people at your nonprofit doing work in their community?

People don’t want to see blocks of text when looking at social media. They want to see emotions and people they can connect with. Good visuals lead to more engagement that will help your nonprofit ‘up your game’ on social media.

4. Reach Out to Other Pages

The reason its called social media is that it’s supposed to be a place to be ‘social’. So if you’re not taking advantage of the ‘social’ aspect of social media, you may want to rethink your strategy. Networking through social media can get you a bigger following, both online and offline. It can also be a chance to build professional relationships with nonprofit leaders who have similar values.

Try reaching out to other organizations and businesses with a bigger following than yours to help ‘Level Up’ your strategies through tags and mentions on social media. Not only can this help to dramatically grow your followers list, it can also be a learning experience for your nonprofit. Take note of what other organizations do – and don’t do – on their pages to help make your page more successful.

5. Add Polls & More Interactive Features

Many social media pages make the mistake of putting up content their followers can’t connect with. Doing this may cost them an opportunity to grow their social views. Having interactive options for followers will lead to better engagement and create a stronger sense of loyalty among viewers. Followers want to know their opinion is valued. This is why polls or questionnaires are a good way to boost social media growth.

6. Know the Best Time to Post

The last step to keep in mind when it comes to curating the best social media page possible is the time of day you typically choose to post. When it comes to posting, you should study at what times of the day people the most likely to be focusing on their devices. This is usually first thing in the morning (around 9 a.m.), during lunch hours or after work in the evening (6-9 p.m.). During these hours, people are less likely to be engaged in work activities, allowing them to be more apt to take that time to catch up on what they may have missed the rest of the day.

We hope these tricks and tips help your nonprofit improve its views on social media!

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