Helping Ukrainian Refugees? Don’t Miss This Meeting!

Are you involved in helping Ukrainian refugees? Join World Cares Center at noon today for an insightful Zoom meeting. Come together to connect with other service providers, share information on your organization, and learn about resources available to your group.

Register your interest here:
If you are located in New York City, you can also join the meeting in person at the World Cares Center at 520 8th Avenue, Suite 201B, NYC, NY 10018.

Special guest speaker, Libby Hikind, CEO, will be in attendance on Zoom. She will help answer your grant and funding-related questions. Below, are some grants currently available to help with the Ukrainian crisis:

Resettlement Grants
  1. Cooperative agreements to provide shelter to unaccompanied children.
  2. Contract for services to a New York nonprofit to oversee a program, benefitting immigrants.
  3. Contracts are also open for services to New York primary health care providers, to protect the health of newly-arrived refugees in NYC. 
  4. Grants are available for programs to assist trauma victims from abroad. 
  5. There are grants for programs that provide eligible refugees with financial counseling, training, and matched savings accounts.
  6. Grants of up to $10,000 are also open for New York organizations to serve the local immigrant community in eligible counties. 
  7. Additionally, grants of up to $5,000 are open to Ohio nonprofits in specific counties, for programs that benefit refugees who have moved to the area. 
Long Term Refugee Grants
  1. Fellowships to USA immigrants and children of immigrants for graduate school support. 
  2. Scholarships of $1,000 to USA and territories students for college expenses. 
  3. Grants to USA nonprofit organizations for BIPOC workforce development programs
  4. In addition, there are grants to USA nonprofits in specific counties for social change initiatives
  5. Grants are also available to prepare immigrants for citizenship
  6. Funding is available to provide services to vulnerable immigrants
  7. There are also grants for creative projects and programs to help new immigrants prepare to become United States citizens.
  8. Grants to enhance services for immigrants.
Research to Improving Outcomes for Immigrants
  1. Grants for original research investigate the various factors determining success for diverse groups, immigrants, and their descendants. 
  2. In addition, there are grants for research projects that promote equality in youth outcomes. 
  3. Funding is also available for original research that addresses multiple factors contributing to inequity
  4. Additionally, there are grants and in-kind support to nonprofit institutions for research to improve the lives of American children and youth. 
The World Cares Center

The World Cares Center trains citizens to emerge as safe and effective disaster volunteers and equips local leaders with the tools and information to lead their constituents when a crisis occurs. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact Lisa Orloff, Founder and President at World Cares Center at 212-563-7570 or email

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