How Drones Went From High Tech Toys to Weapons

The debate over the Second Amendment seems to be in the news every day, this constitutional amendment provides U.S. citizens the right to bear arms. Samuel Colt invented the first revolver in 1836 in the USA and it helped win the West and the Civil War. It was said “Abe Lincoln May have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal”.

History is filled with high tech innovations originally used for good being misused. The most obvious is Alfred Nobel’s development of dynamite. This invention allowed for mining to be easier and more efficient for the hard working miners, and made it possible to blow up mountains and furrow tunnels for the great modern railroads of the 19th century. It soon was used by the terrorist of that time, referred to as anarchists. Nobel was so mortified by the evil use of his invention that he created the Noble Peace Prize as a form of penance.

I would think that at its earliest form, mankind’s discovery of fire was used to cook food however when not watched the fire would also burn down the forest, or the modern-day gas range could cook food or burn down the house.

The Evolution of Drones

Today, the state of the art unmanned flying vehicle known as a drone is widely used for good. They save lives when used in public safety operations. They are used for photography, agribusiness, saving African Elephants from poachers, fire fighting and film making, to name just a few.

The first drones were really just balloons, which evolved to high tech weather balloons. The drones used in the oil fields attack were not an off the shelf model, but a rather expensive highly modified rocket style unmanned weapon.

This weekend, 10 drones managed to destroy 50 % of Saudi Arabia’s oil wells. This high-tech invention usually reserved for use by modern societies was misused by a rebel army from Yemen known as the Houthis. Only 10 drones ruined 6% of the world’s oil output and raised the price of a barrel of oil by 13%.

In Conclusion

As mentioned, history is filled with high tech innovations originally used for good. From biblical times, the story of Adam and Eve refers the tree of life as the tree of good and evil. We should utilize our great inventions, innovations and modern wonders for the good of our family, community and society. Humanity has been given the gift of superior analytical intelligence. We need to express our gratitude by using it for good.

GrantWatch has a large selection of government grants available that can help your organization fund drones or new technologies. You can find resources that can reduce your bottom line by using drones as an alternative to expensive manned equipment such as helicopters. The Department of Homeland Security is an important resource for drone funding.

About the Author: Jake Tewel holds a Masters Degree from YU, a wine seller, caterer and a million miler for the past 15 years. Jake is a best friend, great neighbor, your go to travel person, father, grandfather and loving husband. He is now focusing his efforts on heart healthy nutrition, exercise and travel.

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