Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day with These Social Justice Grants

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday that honors the life and achievements of the civil rights leader. The day takes place on the third Monday of January near his birthday. Born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister who became a prominent figure in the civil rights movement. He was also a champion of nonviolence and civil disobedience. His leadership helped to bring about significant changes in the laws and attitudes that had an impact on race in the United States.

The Importance of MLK’s Activism

In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech during the March on Washington. In this speech, he called for an end to discrimination, as he envisioned a future where people of all races would be equal. A year later, in 1964, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the civil rights movement.

On the evening of April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at a motel in Memphis, Tennessee. Over half a century later, his legacy still lives on in the many changes that have taken place in the United States since his death.

Today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a time to remember this great leader’s contributions and reflect on the progress that has been achieved in the fight for civil rights. To honor his memory and help organizations continue their fight for equality, GrantWatch.com is sharing 10 grants to support social justice initiatives and programs.

10 Grants in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  1. Grants of $15,000 are available to graduate students for research related to the impact of inequality on economic growth.
  2. There are also grants available for research projects to reduce health inequalities.
  3. Grants of $25,000 are available to HBCU faculty for research to promote health equity for African-Americans.
  4. There are also grants for nonprofits in multiple states for civil and human rights initiatives.
  5. Grants of up to $15,000 are offered to nonprofits in eligible states to promote equality and diversity.
  6. There are also grants available to nonprofits for programs and services that increase opportunity and access to employment, provide health support for youth (ages 0-25), advance educational equity, and address the needs of individuals and families.
  7. Grants are available to nonprofits and IHEs to promote equality in STEM for women.
  8. There are also grants for Florida nonprofits to address community needs in the areas of healthcare, education, and basic human needs for individuals who traditionally face systemic barriers.
  9. Grants are available to North Carolina nonprofits, tribes, and agencies for programs that benefit at-risk youth.
  10. Finally, there are grants available to nonprofits and IHEs for projects that improve maternal health.

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