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August is National Wellness Month! For this reason, it is an important time to learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle and practice self-care and stress management. Whether you’re a volunteer or the executive director of a nonprofit, the old adage is true, “health is wealth.” Start investing in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

GrantWatch values health and wellness. To celebrate this month, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to improve your health. In addition, we’ve included some grants for your health and wellness programs. Check out our list, and feel free to share your favorite healthy habit with us in the comments!

Some Ways to Celebrate National Wellness Month

1. Drink more water. Hydration is one of the key steps to improving health. Drinking enough water is critical to your bodily functions and can also improve skin and decrease headaches.

2. Improve your sleep schedule. Many Americans don’t get enough high-quality sleep. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), almost 1/3rd of Americans get less than 7 hours of sleep per night. Sleep supports essential functions like digestion and focus. Work on building a nighttime routine. Set yourself up to get to bed earlier, reduce caffeine intake, and make your bedroom a comfortable space.

3. Develop an exercise routine. For the month of August, try to get 30-60 mins of exercise every day. This could be walking, running, weight lifting, yoga, rock climbing, or taking a dance class. Don’t overthink it. Just do what works for you and your schedule. Studies indicate that the benefits of regular exercise include:

  • Optimizing bone health
  • Improving overall mood
  • Weight control
  • Improving focus abilities throughout the day

4. Take some time to review your diet. We’re all so busy, and we get busier all the time. Getting the right combination of vitamins and minerals is vital, so this might be a good time to check-in. Are you eating enough protein? Enough fruits and vegetables? Take some time to chat with your doctor about what your diet should include.

Check out this handy infographic from the CDC on why a healthy diet is so critical.

As we said, health is wealth. Now, let’s make sure your health and wellness programs are financially healthy!

Grants for National Wellness Month

GrantNews Notes:

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