Kansas Gets Grant To Address Mental Health Issues + 5 Mental Health Grants

Mental health is a major issue facing Americans all over the country. Previous to the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans were already struggling. But now it looks like this is increasingly becoming a crisis. Between lockdowns and other measures meant to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s mental health is suffering. In Kansas, mental health already was an issue, with almost 4.3% of adults experiencing serious mental health issues. But many residents do not have access to proper treatment. Now, Kansas is looking to mitigate that issue through the use of a grant.

This National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s 988 State Planning Grant, was awarded to Kansas by Vibrant Emotional Health. This is the nonprofit administrator of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Kansas Is Working To Help Citizens With Mental Health Issues To Heal

Kansas plans to use this grant to improve the way that the state addresses mental health issues. The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services will create a strategic plan to address infrastructure needs, including volume. The grant will also grant access to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s new 988 number.

I am pleased to see Kansas has been awarded this important grant to improve our state’s response to mental health crises,” said Governor Laura Kelly. “The pandemic has heightened the need for modern, comprehensive mental health resources across our state, and the creation of a new 988 number will help Kansans access support quickly during their times of need.”

Here are some of the grants to help with mental health issues:

GrantWatch understands how important mental health issues are. This is why we’re proud to list a mental health category on our website. And it’s why we’re sharing 5 mental health grants here that we think our beneficial to our subscribers:

  1. There are these Grants to USA State and Tribal Education Agencies: This grant will provide funding for creating mental health programs for at-risk youth.
  2. As well as Grants to Ohio Nonprofits: This grant will provide funding to nonprofits for programs regarding mental health issues
  3. Grants to Maryland Nonprofits and Agencies in Eligible Locations: This grant will go towards mental-health programs and projects that benefit local residents.
  4. And More Grants to USA Nonprofits: These grants will go towards mental health programs that benefit children and youth worldwide
  5. Finally, Grants to Connecticut Agencies and Nonprofits: These grants will go to agencies and nonprofits towards activities that address the physical and mental health of local residents.

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