Latest 20 Grants for Youth Programs

Do you provide youth-focused programs or implement activities that benefit youth in your community? Currently, lists close to 1,400 grants that support youth services and projects.

So, what is the importance of funding programs for youth? Positive youth development helps strengthen their sense of identity. It can help youth have hopes for the future and help support their social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral growth and awareness.

20 Grants that Benefit Youth Programs:

Grants for Underserved Youth
  • There are also grants of up to $50,000 to nonprofits for programs that benefit vulnerable children to help address their continued safety, care and education. 
Grants for Youth Sports
  • Additionally, schools, tribes and other local organizations can apply for grant funding to increase access and participation for youth in softball and baseball programs.
  • Grants are available to eligible youth athletic organizations to enhance local youth sports programs with an emphasis on benefitting low-income areas. 
Grants to Enhance Youth Potential
  • Nonprofit organizations can also apply for event sponsorship in the areas of public affairs, arts and culture, early childhood education, teens and technology for diversity and inclusion projects.
  • There are also grants of up to $2,000 to nonprofit organizations to benefit children and youth in the areas of education, youth development and mentorship. 
Grants for Youth Education
Discover More Grants for Youth!

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