National Agriculture Day: Do You Ever Take Food for Granted?

Unfortunately, many of us do take food for granted. For this reason, the Agricultural Council of America (ACA) has made it its mission to do everything possible to prevent this from happening.

After all, the agriculture industry is vital to our survival. Who isn’t touched by the agriculture industry? Many of us don’t always appreciate all that’s involved in first getting food to our stores and then eventually to our tables at home. Growing food shortages and increased prices over the past few years have caused many of us to pay more attention to how this affects our day-to-day lives. It sheds new light on an often overlooked but essential part of our economy.

March 21st is National Agriculture Day (“National Ag Day”). The day first started in 1973 and is still being celebrated 50 years later. This is the day when individuals, companies, growers, agencies, schools and associations, among others, unite to recognize and celebrate this industry and the extent to which it helps to sustain us. It was founded (and still led) by the ACA, a nonprofit organization.

The Purpose of National Agriculture Day

The ACA wants to increase awareness of agriculture among the American public. It aims to educate Americans and draw attention to the vital role agriculture plays in our daily lives. Americans need to have a better appreciation of where their food comes from. The ACA also wants U.S. citizens to have a better understanding of agriculture’s role in our economy. This also includes knowledge of career opportunities in the agriculture industry. Observance of the annual National Ag Day helps keep us mindful of the important role agriculture plays in our lives.

In honor of National Ag Day, ACA hosts a variety of events to spread awareness by celebrating agriculture and its many related industries. Visit the official website for National Ag Day to view the list of online and in-person events available.

GrantWatch is proud to support National Ag Day. Among the extensive array of grants available to access on our website is a category specifically for agriculture/farming grants. We have grants for individuals, nonprofits and small businesses in a wide variety of categories. GrantWatch lists grants from private foundations as well as grants from local, state and federal government agencies.

Below, we are sharing 6 of the top grants from our agriculture category.

6 Grants for Agriculture

1. Grants of up to $1,000 are available for state and county farm bureaus for K-12 classroom agricultural literacy projects and programs

2. There are also grants between $300,000 and $1,000,000 available to nonprofits and for-profit organizations, agencies and educational institutions for food and agricultural research

3. The COVID-19 coronavirus caused some impact on the agricultural industry. This grant may help those faced with financial challenges as a result of the pandemic.

4. There’s a grant that reimburses organic producers and handlers for certification costs associated with growing organic agricultural products.

5. Additionally, agricultural livestock producers impacted by fire or drought can seek emergency assistance available through this grant. 

6. There is also grant money available for farmers, ranchers and landowners to implement agricultural conservation practices.

We hope you find inspiration to enjoy National Ag Day and support our agriculture industry.

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