National Minnesota Day: Recognizing The Land of 10,000 Lakes

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series recognizing each of the 50 states by providing state-specific grants for each. These articles follow the National Day Calendar Year. The calendar began celebrating each state in the order they entered the union starting the week of Independence Day. National Minnesota Day is celebrated on March 1st, and Minnesota was the 32nd state to join the union.

So, in honor of National Minnesota Day, GrantWatch is sharing some of its favorite grants below that are specifically for the state.

Minnesota is popular for many reasons, but one of its more well-known features is its abundance of lakes. The state is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes but is really home to around 12,000 lakes. The state is also home to the Twin Cities — Saint Paul and Minneapolis. These two cities are the center of urban and industrial life and many Fortune 500 companies reside there. Some of these companies include Best Buy, General Mills, Target, and Land ‘o Lakes.

Along with these facts about the state for National Minnesota Day, here are a few other facts you might not know.

10 Fun facts about the state of Minnesota:

  1. The first open-heart surgery and bone marrow transplant took place in Minneapolis.
  2. Minnesota is home to the world’s largest mall, The Bloomington Mall of America, which is is 9.5 million square feet in size.
  3. It is home to the biggest ball of twine.
  4. Minnesota’s state flower is the ladyslipper.
  5. In addition, the state bird is the loon. 
  6. Bob Dylan is from there.
  7. Winona Ryder was born in Minnesota. She was actually named after the town of Winona, Minnesota
  8. The first intercollegiate basketball game took place there in 1895. 
  9. The state has more bike trails than any other state in the U.S.
  10. Minnesota harvests 18,900,000 lbs of fish per year

Here are some ways to observe National Minnesota Day:

  • Tour museums or other cultural place all around the state
  • Go visit one of the many lakes all around the state.
  • Share your favorite Minnesota memory, whether you traveled there or live there.
  • And also use the #NationalMinnesotaDay to share the word!

Five Minnesota-Specific Grants

  1. Firstly, there are grants available to Minnesota local goverments and authorities for activities to convert contaminated properties for redevelopment. Funding will assist with assessment and clean up activities of public or private properties having groundwater or soil contamination, to convert them for redevelopment.
  2. And there are also grants available to Minnesota nonprofits, agencies, and schools to produce or sponsor community art activities. Grants of up to $5,000 to Minnesota nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools in eligible counties to produce community arts activities or sponsor touring artists or activities.
  3. There are also grants available to Minnesota livestock farmers for equipment and infrastructure improvements. These grants of up to $25,000 are to modernize and improve livestock-related equipment and infrastructure.
  4. There are also grants available to Minnesota organizations and businesses to hire summer interns. Grants of up to $12,000 to Minnesota organizations and businesses for internship programs related to engineering and chemistry.
  5. Finally, there are grants available to Minnesota nonprofits, for-profits, and tribes, to increase access to healthcare. The purpose of this grant program is to increase the number of state residents who are covered by health insurance

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